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Light magazine is a subsidiary of Andee LLC. It is a quarterly publication that seeks to enlighten the growing generation globally about entrepreneurship in Africa and also to promote contemporary young entrepreneurs, bridging the gab between entrepreneurs and investors.

The magazine has its main target as the youth; though the older generation will be brought on board to enable us draw from the wellsprings of their experiences.

The magazine also seeks to encourage more young people in the world of business to take up entrepreneurship opportunities in this age where there are large groups of unemployed graduates. It is our greatest desire that this magazine becomes the mouthpiece for entrepreneurship in the African region.

Therefore, it is going to be a business magazine with a touch of lifestyle, as we aim at satisfying the needs of a larger number of people.


The content has been divided into sections. The first section is Entrepreneurship under which we would include features such as:

  • Leadership

This section of the magazine will provide education on leadership in all fields, with emphasis on the business world. It will teach principles of corporate leadership, knowing and selecting the right kind of people to manage the affairs of the company and management techniques.

  • Startup

Here, we will educate the young entrepreneur on how to start a business, sources of funding, legal issues, as well as create awareness of existing legal and government policies such as taxes, import and export duties, land procurement, business registration and any other thing that is needed in running a business.

  • Marketing

Short courses will be run in print on marketing strategies. As the magazine sells and begins to expand, future plans may include organizing seminars and symposia on effective marketing strategies for our young entrepreneurs and any other person who may be interested.

  • Growth

What happens when the business starts running? How do you manage profits? How do you keep up with the competition in the world of business? This section will cater for that and also to assist you to expand and grow your business.

  • Jobs and Careers

What must I study to be the entrepreneur I want to be? Now that I am out of school, what kind of jobs should I go for? What avenues do I want to channel my entrepreneurial adventures to? Issues like these and more of such would be discussed here.

The last section of the magazine will host mainly current affairs and updates on various topics including:

  • Inspire me (Mentorship)

A section where great African entrepreneurs will be interviewed, their life stories carefully examined and lessons drawn from them for the benefit of the upcoming ones

  • Rising

Risk taking to engage in business are the main core of every entrepreneurs, so Light Magazine Africa select upcoming entrepreneurs across Africa, interview them to know more about their establishment, their short coming and areas they need investment to enable them to grow. This is to empower the youth in business to excel more.

This column will be based mainly on educating the general populace on certain food types that are dangerous to our health. Its aim is to promote the education of natural health. There will be recipes for various food items, cocktails, drink mixes and advice on healthy nutrition. The entrepreneur needs strength to work and healthy diet is an important element of good health.

  • Fashion Entrepreneurs

Modeling is the new order of the day, helping most young African ladies to earn funds. Light magazine African is assisting in profiling both top African and upcoming models to get exposure in the international modeling platform.

Issues that will be discussed here include bad habits such as addictions, the use of yoga as a therapeutic exercise to promote good health and vitality.

  • Technology and internet

In an era of advancing technology, how can the entrepreneur apply this technology to suit the demands of this fast changing world? This column will address that.

  • Time & Money

Purely Business finance that encompasses of a wide range of activities and disciplines revolving around the management of money and other valuable assets, Business finance articles in Light magazine Africa familiarize students with accounting methodologies, investing strategies and effective debt management

  • African Sports.

Lets talk about African upcoming footballers, legends and leagues within the continent.

  • Entrepreneurs Closet/ Fashion

Not of Business, besides, we study and talk about the way and how to dress for interviews, work, social gathering and how to get good prices but dress the best way possible to suit the occasion.

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