How much does it cost to launch a startup?

According to research, it has never been easier to build startup ventures. Thanks to open-source technologies and online tools, the cost of launching a startup declined from $5 million in the year 2000 to less than $5,000 today. Today, funding is no longer a prerequisite for launching and growing startup ideas. Bootstrapped or funded, you have everything you need to go to market quickly and inexpensively.


LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman once said, “the only way to scale is to do things that don’t scale.” Many entrepreneurs worry too much about their 1000th customer and their future $100 million-dollar business — when they haven’t even acquired the first customer. In a competitive and uncertain market where most startups fail, entrepreneurs should be very careful about the steps they take to launch and should validate startup ideas before aiming for the stars.

Doing things that don’t scale is an approach that will help you minimize risks, costs and uncertainty while maximizing future success rates.

Follow these steps to launch startup ventures by doing things that don’t scale.
1. Find a problem big enough to be worth solving.
2. Become the product.
3. Sell soon.
4. Focus on core features.
5. Hire in response to demand.

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Anthony Ansong

Ceo - Ansong Holdings LLC Co-Founder & Editor Light Magazine Africa Author of Children Book Entrepreneur

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