Agribusiness Incubation Network needs the Youth to participate for unemployment reduction  –PAUL ATSU

The youth desk development representative of African Agribusiness Incubator network (AAIN ) and communication & public relation and social media Head  for African Youth in Livestock , Fisheries and Aquaculture Incubation Network (AYL-FAIN ) Continental , Africa has called on stakeholders in the agricultural sector  to develop an agribusiness system that will make it possible for youth to imbibe the culture of agribusiness incubation .

He added that the current job opportunities in the public and private sector were not enough to accommodate the high rate of unemployment. “Currently, both sectors can only employ less than two million people as against about 15 million people ready for the work industry” he said. Mr. Paul Atsu, who made the call when he was speaking at panel’s session of the second African youth SDGs summit in Accra on Friday 9th November, 2018 said that this approach would allow young people who were interested in agribusiness incubation to have the opportunity to develop their skills and identify their agricultural value chain.

The conference was organized by African Youth SDGs Summit and co-hosted by UNFPA, 2030 Youth Alliance, Youth Advocated Ghana, Ministry of planning, and both international organization and non-governmental organization which focuses on equipping the youth with leadership skills that work toward achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It was also aimed at equipping the African youth with in depth knowledge on how to eradicate poverty (Goal 1) and zero hunger (Goal 2) with decent jobs through innovative agribusiness programs in nation building.

It was on the theme: “Partnership with youth to achieve the SDGs, Moving from Policy to Actions” Mr. Emmanuel Ametepey, the convener of the summit who addressed about 4,000 young participants, called for the collective effort to bring up programmers to build the capacities of young people. He also urged the youth to be confidence and strive to take risks to start and grow their own agribusiness business. “We need to change our mindset to be able to make meaningful contributions to the development of Africa and country Ghana “, Mr. Emmanuel Ametepey added.

Mr. Fatih Ermis ,Head of agricultural service Nestle ’ , Amos Olertey Wussah  from farmeline ltd, and Frederick Kamou , assistant at office of the deputy president of Kenya  have all stated that the youth need to shift their focus to Agripreneur education from over reliance on government employment to establish their own  agribusiness. “The first port of call should be for us to pay attention to agripreneur education which is essential not only to shape the mindsets of young people but also provide the knowledge and skills that are central to developing an agribusiness incubation culture “Paul Atsu added. Mr. Amos Olerty Wussah also advised the youth to challenge themselves as the next generation of farms.

                                                                           Mr. Paul Atsu took the opportunity to explain and encourage the African youth for the upcoming 4th International Agribusiness Incubation Conference in Uganda, Kampala (Dates 14th to 16th August 2019). This will be an opportunity to join and be part of this huge business incubation trans-formative network and get close and personal with African Agribusiness Incubator Network (AAIN) associates and partners.


By: Harry


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