President Mokgweetsi Masisi Promises Free Visa-on-Arrival For Tourists & Investors

Botswana, a country found in Southern Africa has relaxed visa requirements in order to improve tourism and bring ease in doing business and encourage tourism. They will from the 24thof November, 2018 give free visas on arrival to tourists who visit Botswana.President Mokgweetsi Masisi announced the new policy recently and will present it to the African Union summit. He said this policy will help grow the tourism industry in Botswana and attract more investors across the globe to invest in the country.

Botswana since independence has been one of the world’s fastest growing economies, averaging 5% annually over 10 years now. They have a fast growing private sector employment. They have a very stable economy and are the world’s largest producers of Diamond and this has made them a middle income country. It has a congenial business environment to accommodate investor operations and an absolute pitch camp for businesses. Botswanais considered fairly corruption free and holds reputable human right records.

In terms of tourism, Botswana is noted for beautiful landmarks such as, waterways, unique deserts landscapes, wildlife and many other beautiful sceneries. They are also one of Africa’s most popular safari destinations. Botswana can boast of tourist sites like Kasane, Chobe National Park, Maun, Khwai River, just to mention a few. The most popular and most visited is the Okavango Delta. 11 cubic kilometers of water flow from the Okavango River into the delta annually to irrigate a wide landscape of the Kalahari Desert, which makes it the world’s largest inland delta.


Source: timbuktutravel.com

Botswana becoming a visa-free State will make it more accessible to tourists and investors across the globe. This will improve their economy drastically, in turn helping Botswana to gain more from tourism.


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