My love for tasty yet healthy food drove me to establish Ambrosia -Miss Barbara Sarpomaa

The demand and consumption of fast foods in recent times have created a vibrant emerging market and in turn given the average Ghanaian access to a variety of foods in real-time. It’s affordability, accessibility, and quality plays a role in determining how long a fast food joint will be in existence. Most importantly, our work schedule and other time consuming business activities make it somewhat difficult to cook early in the morning or later in the evening especially after a tiresome day. In sight of this, Barbara Maame Sarpomaa Agyekum the CEO of  Ambrosia foods seeks to reward its august customers with quick, tasty and yet healthy foods. Ambrosia which means “Food for Royals” certainly will make your irresponsive taste buds squirm and squeal in utmost delight. Barbara Sarpomaa hopes to provide the best possible meals for anybody who wants to have a tasty food to enhance their healthy life.


Below is the full interview.

Briefly tell us about Ambrosia and what you do?

Ambrosia is a Greek word , which means immortality, a food that confers longevity or immortality to whoever that consumes it. Our sole aim is providing the best possible meals for anybody who wants to have healthy food to enhance their life and health.

We are currently based in Dome, Accra and we produce salads, sandwiches  wraps,finger foods, spicy chicken, fresh juice. We do it to suit your preference.


What drove you particularly towards the food business ?

I’m a foodie, my love for food and eating right yet in an interesting way is what drove me into the food business.


What  foods do you sell and how are they packaged?

I sell salads, sandwiches wraps, spicy chicken, fresh juice and finger foods. They are packaged nicely in bowls , bottles to enable you enjoy it wherever you are. Our packs are very portable and attractive.

What has been your biggest fear?

I wouldn’t say I have any fears but I believe as an entrepreneur with every young business like mine there would be challenges but I’ve built myself to withstand and fight my way to provide solutions to them as and when they show up. I believe I can surmount any challenge and win.


How do you motivate yourself to keep your business up and running?


I’m always motivated by God’s unfailing love for me.Secondly I’m

motivated by my love and concern for people and their wellbeing.

Lastly my great motivator is to see people live healthy and longer lives.

Some people are motivated or de-motivated by their future. My major goals for the future is what motivates me to go all out and put in the hard work now.

Continuous learning also motivates me to keep the business up and running, as I learn new things I become more interested in my field.

Challenges also motivates me to do more, because in solving those challenges b


,I receive new ideas which gets me up and running.


Can you tell us about yourself and your educational background?

My name is Barbara Maame Sarpomaa Agyekum and I’m a Christian businesswoman. I grew up in Dansom where I schooled at Riis Memorise school for my basic education,  then to Okuapeman Senior high school which I completed in the year 2011 then straight to University of Ghana Legon where I studied Psychology and Geography. Currently I’m working with Printall as the Administrative Manager and combing that with running my business . I’m an industrious person and I can multitask so I combine the two. I believe Its all about me creating and planning my time to ensure i attend to things that are of importance. I’m not married yet.

What were the biggest challenges you faced at the introductory stage and how has it impacted your operations currently?

My biggest challenge at the introductory stage was Comparism,  where people were comparing my products to the already known ones and expecting me to do mine the same way. But it helped me developed myself and the brand  well ,i learnt what was already in existence and twisted it into my own way. I took all the positive and negative criticisms and turned it around.


How do you market your services  and convince people to buy from you?


Our marketing is in two folds, 1. We are very active on social media so basically online marketing , we realised that most people spend a lot of time on social media compared to other forms of advertising medium like TV,  radio, billboard even though some of them are still effective , we realised more advertisement can be done on social media which is faster and less costly. We post our services on our pages(@ambrosia_foods) where we also educate people on what to take as well.

  1. We also market through word of mouth referrals , we realised that people are convinced to try your products when a friend or family member recommends based on their experiences they’ve had. They believe and trust in the feedbacks from their friends and family. So we are very much particular about feedbacks from our customers which helps to increase sales.


What personality traits have helped you most on your entrepreneurial quest?

My tenacity, boldness, courage and having a teachable spirit has helped me most on my entrepreneurial quest, most people come out of school and start writing application letters and seeking for jobs which I’m it’s entirety but for me to start this idea and see the light at the end of this tunnel shows how courageous I am. I’ve faced a lot of challenges but the fact that I still push towards my goal shows our tenacious I am and it has really influenced my business.


What would you say is unique about Ambrosia?

We have interest of the customer at heart and that determines our decision in everything we do. Our production, Presentation and Packaging of our food is different and we do eveything with our customers in mind. There are other food food companies but you realise that our production, Presentation and Packaging is exceptional.

How do you think technology will impact the food business a decade from now?

I think technology is the present and future of the food business.Ambrosia didn’t start with a physical location or any traditional advertisement like billboards, TV and Radio adverts but by social media. Most people got to know us through instagram and Facebook which has really taken the business to another level. Most people are online about 70% of their day and marketing my products is very faster than even sharing flyers to people personally. Traditional marketing is on the decline and technology is what will take the food business even farther than it it now. I think we should be abreast with the technology trend in other not to be left behind.

Nutrition or taste which should take precedence and why?

Nutrition takes precedence because nutrition has to do with eating right food to ensure the growth of the body.  You don’t just eat something because it tastes nice. That’s what Ambrosia stands for, eating the right food to ensure the growth and perfect health in people to go about their daily life without fear of sickness or any deficiency what so ever.

How does Ambrosia envision itself in the next 5 years?

In the next 5 years Ambrosia is looking at 2 main things, Domination and Expansion, General improvement in the eating standards of people in Ghana and beyond , moving into other major cities and towns in the country.  Also be well known in many more cooperate offices in Ghana.


If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

Beyond the sky should be the limit as a start up, don’t get tired of learning and have a teachable spirit.  The world is big enough for all of us to shine, you just be to be unique and dynamic in your way of doing things. It’s going to be easy but through determination you will achieve it. Also be happy with what you are doing, if you find happiness in what you are doing that’s going to be your greatest motivation. Also , most importantly Trust God , spend time to pray for your business, speak positive words into existence.

We hope that Ambrosia foods actualizes it’s dream and grows into a global brand with chain stores across the sub-region.  Ambrosia is definitely best suited to transform your breakfast, lunch and all corporate events into a delightful experience.


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