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Making It In Time

How to make it in time.

The Problem

The most widely used mode of Public Transportation in Ghana by far is the tro tro. They do both long and short distances. Many people in Ghana use one almost every day to commute from home to work or to anywhere fast and at a lower cost.   The tro tro is easily accessible and a relatively cheaper means of transport. They are on every major road.

However if the distance you want to travel covers more than the space between two bus stops in a particular town; brace yourself, because unlike many places around the world, where Buses move on  schedule; tro tro moves only when  full or full enough, or at the discretion of the Driver.  You are less likely to be delayed by the picking of passengers along the road,when you join the tro tro at a Tro tro Station. As it would be filled with passengers before the vehicle gets on the road.

It is important to be extra vigilant when boarding a tro tro. As some thieves have the habit of pick-pocketing passengers as they board vehicles. The thieves alight quickly at the very next bus stop; before the poor victim is able to realize what has gone on.

The Solution

Add a 15 to 30 minute buffer to your designated travel time. This helps you get to your destination in time. It also prevents you from losing your ‘cool’, and becoming overly bothered by the many stops and delays caused by boarding and alighting passengers. You will as well be happier at the end of the journey. Other passengers will be spared having to listen to a frustrated passenger, shouting at an indifferent driver and mate; who couldn’t care less about your time constraints.

This would be to your best advantage if you have a job interview or an urgent meeting to attend. Or if you simply want to get wherever you are going in time.

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