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The first time I heard of breast Cancer was when I was in high School, and we had a ‘Girly Talk’ with our Old Girls’ Association. My curiosity grew more and more and I begun reading about it and what the red signs could be.
It is important ,that every Female know about Breast Cancer. This is because early detection is key
Some of these symptoms are related to certain other conditions, while these symptoms may not be experienced by some other women as well, but it is important to know about them.
➢ Lumps in the breast
➢ Discharge from the nipple
➢ Swollen lymph nodes
➢ Retracted nipples
➢ Sore nipples
➢ Discomfort in the nipple region
• Breast Exercise( Gentle massage )
• Eat fruits
• Eat Vegetables
• Avoid excessive alcohol intake
• Regularly check your self or allow your partner or love one help you out
• Physical exercise also helps to shrink the size of fat cells
• Visit the Doctor for check ups or take advantage of free screenings
Generally, Cancer is used to refer to a class of diseases associated with abnormal cells. Fortunately, there are tumors that are not cancerous.
The most common is the invasive ductal carcinoma or the invasive lobular carcinoma.
Breast cancer can happen in men as well, though rare.
Not every lump found in the breast is cancerous
The use of birth control pill can expose a woman to cancer due to increase in the level of estrogen in the body
Exposure to radiation can also result in breast Cancer.
Lifestyle can actually lead to breast cancer , The type of daily pressure that is exerted on the breast. ( Not wearing appropriate bra size for example or even sleep posture ).

Being diagnosed of breast cancer does not mean the end of the world , the process can be tiring and time consuming but to detect and go for treatment is worth it. The issue of being shy of the male doctor can be solved if you inquire to be attended to by a Female Doctor, Fear of the cost involved can also be done through soliciting for help from NGOs, and fear of psychological breakdown and not knowing what exactly to expect can be solved by speaking to a survivor or a group of young women with special training in that field.
Hair loss and the transformation your body will under go is just a big shout of “I am a survivor “.
It is PlNKTOBER 2018 !! Let’s create Awareness!
Congratulations to Survivors , more strength to every lady going through the treatment process
and to those who are yet to get their diagnosis procedures done, do not be discouraged, You are not alone.
October is for Breast Cancer Awareness, pink is the color!
Encourage a Woman to go and check her status, and save a life.



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