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Education they say ‘is the key to success’. Yes, Education is very important, if you really want to be successful in this era we live in now. Without education, you will be forced to join the league of menial workers. People may also argue that there are some very successful people in the world today who never had any formal education but are influential. That’s true, but when you do a ratio for successful people with formal education and those without it, you will realize that those with formal education are in the majority. This makes it clear that Education is a strong foundation for success. But your level of Education or your Educational certificates you hold alone, doesn’t guarantee you success as an Entrepreneur.


Most people especially Africans, usually have the mindset of graduating from school and earning a white collar job. Most Graduates want to wait until they are employed by either the government or private entities and they end up in the ‘unemployed youth club’. If you want to be successful in life, you need to have a business plan even before you graduate. You need to know what you really want to venture into and what you want to achieve. In planning your business life you should consider in high esteem, Being your own boss and starting your own lucrative business. Not everyone can be employed by the government or private companies hence the high unemployment rate in Africa. If our graduates could plan well on lucrative businesses and put them into practice, it will not only be beneficial to them, but also create employment for other graduates searching for Jobs. Most Graduates lack this mentality and rely solely on their Educational certificates to earn them employment. Some don’t get lucky and remain unemployed. And even the employed ones may work for Bosses with lower certificates than theirs.


After planning your business, you should do anything possible to achieve your goals. Starting a business can be difficult and come with a lot of problems, but if you persevere and are determined to succeed, you will be able to conquer all the problems and achieve your goals. You should always stay focus on your dreams, if you want to succeed. Your Degrees, Masters, PHDs, etc. doesn’t make you a potential successful businessman or woman. Your ability to plan your business goals and work to achieve them brings you success. Education just gives you only a fair idea about business and serves as an eye-opener to our world today. You should also cultivate the habit of saving and investing. These savings and investments will serve as capital to start your business, when you finally graduate and will go a long way to aid you to achieve your business goals.


African education especially doesn’t really expose us to the things stated above. They are more geared strictly towards the syllabi. It is more into book knowledge and less practicality. This is the major cause of most of our shortfalls as Africans. If you are not smart enough to start your own business and you rely on your educational certificates alone, you might not be as successful as someone who has planned his or her business life and has worked towards them. Youwith all your Degrees and PHDs will end up working for them, that’s even when you are lucky. Always have a Plan B just in case. In the event that your certificates don’t warm it’s way onto a jobafter graduation, you’d be staring at a viable business plan and seed capital thanks to your savings.


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