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Mankind’s dependency on clothes to shield our skins from adverse weather conditions or nudity has taken a leap towards a rather creative turn.  New fashion trends have incited several wants for both sexes. From purchasing expensive designer clothes for social status to matching up dresses with bags for just the aesthetics to social acceptance for merely wearing trendy clothes. Whichever reason, clothes are still basic necessities and you certainly need them whether to look good or just for the sake of cover-up. This need for clothes, bags, shoes and other accessories have created business opportunities for those who dare to explore. CannysCloset is one of the brave ones who have ventured into this industry. CannysCloset is into the sale of quality and affordable ladies clothes shoes and other accessories. Her zest to delve into unfamiliar waters and a pool of uncertainties not only makes her worth a discussion but her determination and will to succeed amidst her failures makes her a heroine worth celebrating.  WIth a country that sits on a mountain of economic mishaps and high unemployment rates, its relative to say that dependency levels are soaring in the clouds(LONG TERM SOLUTION TO THE HIGH UNEMPLOYEMNT RATES IN GHANA). Canny amidst these limitations have waded through consuming fires to erect a business that not only serves fashion lovers but is now a means of livelihood.  She thrills us with the story of her entrepreneurial journey

Canny CEO of CannysCloset
Canny CEO of CannysCloset


How did your entrepreneurial journey start?

Five years ago, whiles still in the university, I realized how reluctant my mom feels sometimes to send me money for my upkeep since my demands were getting too much. So I decided to do something on my own to support myself as well. I thought of what exactly to do and I got nothing in mind so for a second I realized how fashionable I was and how most of my colleagues often asked me where I got my outfits from so I decided to go into fashion entrepreneurship.

Why CannysCloset?

I wanted to open a page on social media and it demanded a name and since my name is Canny, I named my business CANNYSCLOSET.

Tell us a bit about Canny’sCloset and its  journey

I started an online shop 3 yrs ago. Though it hasn’t been smooth especially dealing with stubborn customers, low sales, emotional management as well as maintaining good customer service at the same time and I operated it on and off but at a point I realized what will give me clients from there is when I am consistent with my posting and sales and after 3 years I got a shop and now I am managing @CANNYSCLOSET ON FACEBOOK AND @Cannys_Closet_ ON INSTAGRAM AND A PHYSICAL SHOP LOCATED AT TSEADDO ROUNDABOUT BEHIND TRADE FARE.

Shop Of CannysCloset dealers in the sale of quality women accessories
Shop Of CannysCloset dealers in the sale of quality women accessories

What truth about entrepreneurship didn’t you know prior to your persuance and what do you know now?

Honestly, we hear enticing stories about entrepreneurship such as being your own boss and managing your firms solely but the untold truth is how stressful and time demanding it is. Especially making sure everything works perfectly well and challenges such as meeting every customer’s need at the same time making sure they don’t only feel served but satisfied.

Did you study fashion at school?

 I didn’t study fashion designing, I studied Human Resource management. I also studied airline service and passenger handling after the university.

What was your first job out of college and how did you land that job?

My first job out of college was being a marketing representative for latex foam (Volta region) and I got it through the connect of my mom since she’s a sales representative at latex foam.

If you could go back in time and tell yourself one thing before setting up what would it be?

Always have a passion for what you want to do because where determination fades your passion will keep you going 


Some of the items sold by CannysCloset
Some of the items sold by CannysCloset

What was your biggest mistake when you first set up?

My biggest mistake ever was investing all I had as capital into my business.

Who would you consider your mentor?

Mrs Mimi Andani Michael is one such person I consider a mentor. Through her IMENTORU initiative, I can confidently say I have a much better understanding of customer needs and how to diligently deal with them. My mum and sister(CEO of shimmernii) have equally been my biggest motivation.

What is the one thing you look out for when interviewing a potential employee for your business?

 I look out for passion and ability to withstand pressure and good customer relations.

Some Designer Shoes sold by CannysCloset
Some Designer Shoes sold by CannysCloset

How is the fashion business different now as compared to previous years?

Fashion comes with innovative trends and the few that were fashionistas patronised a lot but now the fashion industry has expanded and a huge number of people are into the fashion business causing demand to slightly dip.

What was your biggest fear when you commenced?

Won’t necessarily say I had any particular fear because  I was so sure of what I was going into.

How do you want people to feel when they wear your clothes?

I want them to feel satisfied wearing clothes from CannysCloset.

What is your favourite designer collection and ever considered venturing into the creation of a personal clothing line?

My greatest collection is from the Zara brand but will be going into a personal clothing line soon.

How has technology impacted your business?

90% advancement in my field and through technology I advertise on my social platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. With these platforms, I have been able to reach out to thousands of people that I haven’t met personally and I can easily make business transactions from one country to the other.

Who is a Canny’s Closet customer?

I consider Canny’s customer as a first timer, potential and a loyal customer.  In other words, Canny’s Closet isn’t having a limited customer base

Where do you see CannysCloset in the next 5 years?

In the next 5yrs, I see CannysCloset as one of the topmost mall worldwide with innovative fashion brands to suit every individual’s personality

Any word of encouragement to young individuals wishing to follow suit.

As big as you imagine it, ply your trade with passion, determination, humility and prayer you will attain it.



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