Rape is said to occur when the consent of one party is not sought before the engagement. Respect for humanity must be greatly valued. I am not certain what triggers rapists to indulge in such barbaric acts.

Sexual assault is dehumanizing and can cause a lifetime effect on the victims. They become traumatized and are forced to go through several stages of healing . This healing , I consider partial because, the ideas and recounts still pop up subconsciously.

The rising numbers of sexual assaults in Africa is alarming, just as the continent and the rest of the world. Sexual misconduct against women is a violation of their bodies. A couple of days ago, it was reported in the news about Bill Cosby , the American who was to serve 3 to 10!years in jail for sexual assault.

The citizens of South Africa , are furious about recent rape cases involving a 7 year old who was raped in a public toilet and a 17 year old who was raped few hours after her child birth. The fake doctor who said he was there to help her solve her complications after birth, since she complained of bleeding ,rather raped her.
As recorded by the fact-checking Organizations of Africa, It is sad to know that about 110 rapes are recorded daily.

Effects from sexual assault can be long term or short term. The effects can have an impact on their sexual, physical, mental and reproductive health. For example; Pregnancy, soreness, contraction of Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Bleeding , suicidal attempt, depression, and Post-traumatic stress disorders.

As South Africa unites to seek justice for these young girls and all other victims , We stand with them and demand justice for victims all over the world . This is a call for humanity not for only we Men and Women from Africa.



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