One-On-One With The CEO McKee Adubofour Of McMon Glamour Shoes

E-commerce in Africa continues to tout a revolution that has seen the mundane sale of goods and services transform into a click and purchase system that eases the stress of business transactions. The likes of Jumia, Africa’s replica of Amazon affirms this assertion with its prominence in the e-commerce retail space on the continent. We can not exhaust the numerous benefits that e-commerce fetches. (AFRICAN E-COMMERCE: A fast growing industry heavy pouring with immense optimism and lucrativeness) We particularly veer our watchful eyes towards its creation of employment and economic empowerment. One of such beneficiaries to this “messiah” is McKee Adubofour,  of McMon Glamour Shoes. McMon Glamour Shoes is an online retailer of women footwear.  Her resilience and utmost commitment towards her business has seen her soar higher amidst all the difficulties and inabilities.  Today we listen to this strong African woman, as she shares with us her inspiring story.


Tell us about your educational background

McKee had her basic education at Cambridge International School and continued to Komfo Anokye High School where she studied business. She obtained an HND in Accounting at Kumasi Technical University and she’s currently studying Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting at University of Professional Studies, Accra.

In a few words, can you give us a little description of yourself and your business?

I am McKee Adubofour,  of McMon Glamour Shoes. McMon Glamour Shoes is basically an online shop, which deals in sales of ladies footwear,  we actually do only deliveries to our customers across the nation (Ghana).

Why the name McMon? 

McMon is a word I created with my name attached to money, that is McKee and Money “McMon”, so meaning “McKee is making money”. The “Glamour” was added to spice up the fashion content of the shoes.

How did you get your idea or concept for the business?

Well, McMon Glamour Shoes was brought about through my love for sales of shoes, I am not a 100% shoe freak, but I love it when I see women put on nice footwear. And my mother has always been a shoe freak/lover so I drew most of my business inspiration from her, and she was my first customer when I started the business.

What is the potential total market size for your product today? What is its growth rate?

Our potential total market size for our products are women between the ages of 18-50, who are both interested in or not in fashion. We believe, every woman needs comfortable shoes to wear no matter their preferences. Some women do not really care if a shoe is trendy or not, they just need beautiful and comfortable shoes to wear. On the other hand, some really do like trendy, designer and fashionable footwear as well. And the business since introduced from March 2017 has gained a lot of followers on our pages on Facebook and Instagram, and also referrals from our customers

Samples Of Women Shoes sold by McMon Glamour Shoes
Samples Of Women Shoes sold by McMon Glamour Shoes

What is your projected market share?

Our market share is projected monthly. We restock our inventories at the end of every month, meaning most of the inventories would be sold out and profits and expenses will be checked already. So technically our sales rate is projected in one month period.

How many employees do you have and how do they perceive your leadership style?

I actually work all by myself from home. But we do employ the services of delivery companies to do deliveries for our clients.

How do you advertise your business?

We advertise our products through Facebook and Instagram sponsored ads. And we also talk to people on our products and gets feedbacks as well

 What do you think is your competitive advantage and why can’t it be copied?

 Well, my kind of business is very competitive,  but what I can say is my competitive advantage is the relationship I have with my clients. That genuine friendliness I have with my customers, so most of them feel very comfortable sharing personal issues with you, and I believe genuineness can’t be copied.

Samples of Shoes sold by McMon Glamour Shoes
Samples of Shoes sold by McMon Glamour Shoes.

Why do you think your team is best placed to deliver your business plan/forecasts?

McMon Glamour Shoes is ever ready to deliver a business plan, and we aim to expand our business in the foreseeable future.

What risks are you facing?

We are currently facing challenges with the charges of shipments and it’s delay.  The charges of shipments keep increasing due to the continuous inflation of the dollar against the cedis.

How did you overcome your initial struggles?

Our initial struggles when the business was introduced, was the delay in deliveries to clients, and clients not trusting online shops in Ghana because of fraud issues and also some customers defrauding the business as well. So we overcame these issues by employing the services of reliable delivery companies and also assuring our clients of the quality of our products.

Have you considered any alliance/partnership?

Yes, I have considered a partnership and we are currently working on it as well.

What are your cash flow projections?

Well, with our cash flow projections,  we always have cash in hand, for special orders specified by some customers, that is shopping of different shoes which are not part of our inventories for such customers, and also use some of the cash to pay for our expenses such as transport and packages. And we also have cash at bank, which are not profits which we use to pay for our sponsored ads

Shoe Samples sold by mcMon Glamour Shoes
Shoe Samples sold by mcMon Glamour Shoes

How is your business financed?

The business is financed by its initial capital, additional capital and we also plough back profits also.

What are your social media handles in case someone wants to look you up

Our social media handles: Instagram @mcmonglamour_shoes and McMon Glamour Shoes on Facebook

Where do you envision McMon in the next 3 to 5 years?

Well, from 3-5 years I see McMon Glamour Shoes as a household brand, not only trading online but also having operating shop outlets all over the country, and shipping worldwide as well. And also creating our own designs of ladies footwears, basically the “McMon Glamour Shoes “brand.

How much will you need in investments if you wish to expand?

GHs 20,000 to GHs 50,000

Walt Disney: “All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” If we dare to actualize our dreams, we have a better shot at taking a step closer to what we so much desire.


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