The fashion world existed and thrived long before the advent of social media. Designers were getting recognition and doing business in diverse ways. They had boutiques to showcase their designs, interact with customers and sell their designs. With social media came a whole new method of doing business. Ordering online and making enquiry while you are in the comfort of your home.

Shiella Yakubu
Instagram (_under__cover)

In this digital age, social media is a very good marketing tool for businesses especially the fashion business. Every designer gets to showcase their designs to the world with just one click. It becomes difficult if they don’t have the following that would make “noise” about their designs especially the up and coming creatives.

Bernard Fiifi yankey
Instagram (yankey_himself)

Social media also brought with it the “Influencers”. They have been consistent on one or two social media platforms for a long time and have been able to get themselves a very large following. This qualifies them to take up the title “Influencers”.

Lharley Lhartey
Instagram (_lharley_)

I really don’t have a problem with designers engaging with the “influencers”. I feel in this digital age the fashion industry needs them.

Jude Berete
Instagram (jayberete)

They are supreme marketing tools that help boost up sales. They relate to their audience on a personal level which makes them trustworthy. Their recommendations are taken in high regard by their followers. The likes of Lharley Lhartey, Bernard Fiifi Yankey, Hamdeeya Hameed, Yakubu Shiella and Jude Berete are a few influencers I know are doing great in their own personal way.

Hamdeeya Hameed
Instagram (mss.deee)

Social media is huge and cluttered, let the influencers help build your business.


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