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Just like breast cancer awareness, which usually comes off in October. The month of September is an awareness month for Sickle Cell. The color burgundy is used to represent its awareness.
Several millions of people are affected by the inherited condition
The number keeps rising daily per its record in new births. Due to the difference in the type of of hemoglobin gene inherited from parents . There are different types of sickle cell diseases a person suffers from.

Sickle Cell occurs when a protein carried by the body’s red blood cell known as hemoglobin becomes abnormal . It results in the red blood cell assuming a sickle or “C” shape. When an infection occurs, it indicates that the sickle cells blood flow is affected . This condition requires a medical diagnosis. The condition can last for a lifetime and can’t be cured .

There are many organizations specifically working at helping persons with sickle cell in order to relieve them of their discomforts.
Some organizations help by
1. Sharing short videos of people’s success story
2. Distribution of educative journals
3.Providing health care materials
4.Counselling and education on treatment options


1.To create awareness
2.Promotion of Public Education
3.Finding solutions
4.Creating a community of supportive people
5. To decrease Stigmatization

It is absolutely okay to help a sickle cell patient. Make them feel welcomed. Spread love to everyone and share in their journeys . It is September! And we are showing them we love and care about them.

Isaac Boadu (BSc. Biochemistry, Mphil. Nutrition)
Dep. of Zoology and Environmental BioParasitology and Public Health),University of Nigeria, Nsukka.



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