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Some foods can affect our respiratory systems. It is therefore advised, that we become mindful of what we consume.
The Respiratory System is a biological system which consist of specific structures and organs, which enable gas exchange in both plants and animals.
There are varieties of meals to eat but below are few to consider in case you want to eat healthy. Examples are; honey, garlic, and onion.
They are good things to infuse into our daily meals, since they are excellent for our lungs and other parts of the respiratory system.
Oxygen is a necessity for survival, it gets into our blood by the help of the respiratory system as a medium. The nose brings the main point through to the mouth, the larynx, the lungs, and bronchial tubes down to the bronchioles and finally to the Alveoli aids the movement.

The major respiratory organs shown in relation to surrounding structures.

Salads are good depending on what ingredients were used. (Organic Vegetable).Green leaves such as spinach and parsley are highly nutritious and and contains carotenoids which are good for our health. Most of these green leaves also have low calories as well. These nutrient contents helps the treatment of bronchitis and sinusitis.This means that our salads should not only be tasty but healthy and nutritious too.

Another important thing is Welsh Onion, it reduces mucus hyper production and makes breathing easier, since the nostrils becomes clearer. It has an expectorant effect as well.

The vegetables help in cleaning (detoxify) the liver and assist in its continuous functioning.

Cholesterol free meals are also very essential because they aid the functions of the arteries and the heart.

Omega 3 fatty acid which can be found in fishes such as salmon and sardines ,or flax seed are essential for the respiratory system.They are used for treating cold in some countries. Typically Japan and it helps prevent the risk of strokes which may occur as a result of blockage of the arteries. Eating foods which contain magnesium . Examples; green leaves, brown rice, wheat bread and soy beans is very healthy for the human body too.

To treat inflammation, foods which contain antioxidants supply nutrients that protect the immune system.

Our respiratory system will work perfectly if we avoid intoxicating it with things that exerts pressure on it. It is great to eat healthy , so that our respiratory organs can function more efficiently.



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