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Do you know your blood group?Here’s why you should

To most people, knowing their blood type is the least of their worries. After all, when you fall sick, the hospital might check it for you so why the need? Well, in case you don’t know, there are several reasons why you should know your blood type and I’ll list a few in this article.
First of all, there are four blood groups: A, B, AB, and O. Blood type can also be based on the Rhesus (Rh) factor, a protein on red blood cells, which makes your blood type negative or positive. If you have an Rh positive (+) and blood group O, your blood group becomes O+. Also, if you have blood type B and say Rh negative (-), it becomes B- and so on. With that said, let’s see the benefits of knowing your blood type.

To avoid blood incompatibility.

In medical emergencies, it will be important to know your blood type in order to prevent the risk of giving you blood that is incompatible. This can lead to your blood cells clumping, clogging or sticking to each other in a life- threatening condition called blood agglutination. It’s always best to know what your blood type is even if a confirmation test will be done.

To speed up clinical interventions.

Usually, a blood test will be done to confirm your blood group. Knowing your blood group in advance will save time and the stress of going through that process in order to speed up interventions to save you.

Blood donation

For those who are always willing to help others, blood donation is one of the best ways. In case of emergencies where a particular blood is needed, it’s important to know your blood type so you can donate for that particular need. You might be the only life line at that moment for your friend or loved one. People with O- blood are universal donors, that is, they can donate to any blood type.

Predicting Disease Risks

Studies have shown that, some blood types are predisposed to certain diseases. Type AB, A, and B have increased risks of about 40% for blood clots leading to diseases such as deep vein thrombosis and also heart diseases. Also, type A has an increased risk of stomach cancer, but a higher rate of fertility. While type O has a lower risk for stroke, type AB and B have higher risk for pancreatic cancer. Though there are more serious risk factors to these diseases, knowing your blood type will at least put you on guard.

Prevention of problems during pregnancy

For pregnant women, it is very important to know your blood group especially whether it is Rh positive or negative. If a pregnant woman and her baby do not have the same Rh blood type, the woman’s body will treat the baby as an allergen or foreign substance. This will lead to Rh- incompatibility causing a condition called hemolytic anemia and can be very fatal to the baby. This could be avoided by receiving an injection of a particular blood product.

Helps in improving your diet

It is believed that, eating a particular diet based on your blood group could make you healthier. That is why different people have different weight loss results while following the same diet. People with Type O blood are believed to thrive on protein-rich diets while those with Type A blood do better on vegetable-heavy diet, fruits and beans. Are you eating the right foods? Until you know your blood type, you’ll never know.

Reveals what exercise is best for you

According to studies, your blood type can be a great indicator of what exercise is best for you. Type O can handle more strenuous exercise whiles other blood types cannot. Know your blood type and stop the needless stress and pressure you’re putting your body through rigorous exercises. All in the name of keeping fit.

If for nothing at all, remember that, you need to know your blood type because you want to save lives (yours and others), prevent certain diseases, know the kind of diet and exercise to undertake and prevent complications for your unborn child. Is it too much to ask?

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