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The decline in the activities of the brain usually affects things such as language, ability to grasp, movement and most common activities of our daily lives .
Holding on to memories can be fun . However, has it ever occurred to you that you might just wake up one day and everything looks new? Memory loss ? It is possible. The condition is mostly associated with old age. Dementia is characterized by 7 stages. The 7th stage is actually much severe and also referred to as the late stage.
It is upsetting to know that the treatments can be helpful but the condition is irreversible. It is severe and usually interferes with daily activities. Some examples are;
*Vascular Dementia
*Huntington’s Disease
*Parkinson’s Disease Dementia
*Alzheimer’s Disease

The decline in the activities of the brain often affects cognitive activities such as ability to grasp, speech etc.

* They refrain from social acts; People with this condition become moody, do not want to be disturbed, and also avoid physical contacts.

*Problem Controlling Emotions; Their emotions switch up often and it is difficult to predict what they will be up to next.

*They are sometimes unable to understand their environment or occurrences around them . This leaves them clueless and lost.

  • They begin to have sleep disorders

  • Unsteady walking: They lose their composure and it affects their walking orientation.

It can affect anyone , but theses groups of people are usually at risk
* The aged
*Common in Women
* Family History

As soon a these signs begin to show in a friend , family or love one, then it is advisable to seek medical care immediately. It will be bad to give up on them. They can be taught several activities to help them exercise daily

Some of them may need to be in rehabilitation facilities to enable them receive proper medical treatment and attention

Art, sewing or music can be therapeutic means too

Healthy diet is equally important

It is good that they have monitored or routine sleep so that their records and improvements can be properly documented.

It will be bad to treat them with some form of neglect or stigma since they didn’t choose this .



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