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Having a routine life can be boring but what about living a clumsy one?. I must admit, it is time consuming or paints a perfect picture of immaturity. Mental Health is referred to as the ability of a person to be psychologically stable and function at a satisfactory Level

For the past few weeks, I have been really stressed out and then I needed balance in my life. Balance from my job,social life , and all engagements. I quickly started searching for energy. I had to revisit my old books and surprisingly I didn’t get any inspiration.
Then I thought to my self, why not try something new?.Something new? Perfect Discovery! , then I got a pen and a paper and started to write down bullets in my journal .
My health I understand does not go down to only nutritious meals and exercise, my mental and social life was equally important.
7 Tips that can help you gain your mental health back .

◆ Validate your culinary arts
Why not try a good recipe? Go out and get your groceries and try a new recipe . It can be a spicy noodles or maybe a gluten free dinner. While doing this errand for your self , you’re able to plan and allow your brain to figure out what to do next.

◆ Set attainable goals
Unrealistic goals creates anxiety and depression. Instead of setting such goals, why don’t you treat yourself right by being nice to yourself. Take a planner and begin to draft long term and short term goals slowly.
1.Hair products to review
2.Trendy Male Fashionistas to lookout for
3. Competitive Business ideas
4.New movies to download
5.Updates from BBC Africa

◆ Slightly dwell in your pity party mood
When you feel worried about something , and your heart won’t let it go . Brood over it and allow it to heal. Once you heal naturally , it might not return to hurt you again. So it’s okay to break down for a short period, do not hold back the tears. Men should cry too .

◆ Talk to a trusted partner
My emphasis is the word trusted because , you don’t want to walk to church or work the following day and everyone is giving you that “oh wow” stare just because you opened up about your personal life to someone. You might go insane. Be careful who you choose to speak to .

◆ Reconnect with old habits or people.
Maybe you stopped visiting the neighbors to say hello, or you stopped painting the artwork. Why don’t you take the unwanted clothes out of your wardrobe? try  and pack back only your needs and give out those that don’t fit anymore. You could even upload pictures of them on sites that allow you to sell old ‘goodies‘.

◆ Capture Memories
Grab your phone and your camera, if you do have one, and go out . You could actually just sit at a park or maybe a pub. Take pictures of anything you could see. Be careful not to violate individual human rights. I will suggest that you focus on nature. This is because nature has a way of soothing a troubled soul. examples; A baby learning to walk , a dog licking its tail.

◆ Sleep the stress away
Sometimes all you need is a good sleep., with a long yawn.

Just as George Carlin said, “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away” we must have controls of these moments then . Stay mentally healthy.



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