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Passion Air Airline taking form in Air Travel in Ghana

My experience with passion Air Airline.

A new Ghanaian-owned airlines has started operations in Ghana with flights going from Accra to Kumasi and vice-versa. Passion Air Airlines with Edward Annan as the Chief Executive Officer has hinted  plans being made to include Takoradi and Tamale soon. On Aug. 13, 2018, Passion Air successfully acquired three Q400 turboprops from Bombardier Commercial Aircraft.Source Bombardier Press Release.

Passion Air cabin crew

“Africa is the youngest and fastest growing regions in the world, and aircrafts like the Q400 will play a key role in helping to advance Africa’s economic growth.”Passion Air thus started
operations with the three Q400 aircraft in a 78-seat configuration on domestic routes in Ghana.
“This is the first step, and we look forward to expanding our fleet with more Bombardier
aircraft” said Edward Annan. He further went on to say,“The Q400 offers the performance and flexibility that we need to further develop our network.

Cabin crew Flypassionair

As humans that we are, we would one way or the other want to try new things and it was with this that I decided to use Passion Air airline to Accra instead of our previous reigning airlines Africa World.
My expectations were so high judging from how I had seen their hype and advertisement on social media. It is encouraging to see that Air transport in Ghana is expanding and thus helping in the promotion and development of our tourism industry. Checking in was a bit slow at the front desk and I’m assuming it is because they are quite new.

My flight with Passion Air from Kumasi to Accra Metropolis was very smooth and very comfortable. The cabin crew were very informative, paying close attention to the needs of passengers with a smile and collectedness.

Their aircraft which is bigger, is able to take up more passengers. An interesting and enjoyable 30minutes and I will gladly do this again. Not forgetting the snacks and water served midway of flight period.

Customer services at Passion Air is top notch! Their toll free lines are answered immediately when you call and also, they take time to assist you and explain the itinerary to you so you can make your choice. Also payments can be made just from the comfort of your homes and offices or wherever you find yourself. I realized the queue at the Passion Air check-in was longer. This literally affirms Passion Air airlines good marketing strategy promotional activities and it’s robust customer services, hence the high patronage. Kudos!

I expect their staff at the front desk to work harder. It looks like they basically have no idea of what they are doing. One could easily attribute this naivety to lack of experience and less in- house training. More workshops on passenger handling at the check-in desk will certainly mitigate this flaw going forward. In entirety, I will score them 7/10 on the performance scale index and definitely recommend their services.


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