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if you keep using your phone in the dark…

you might lose your sight soon

The addiction to phone these days is very serious. Maybe it’s due to technology and the easy accessibility of information across the world by simply tapping a button or two on your phone. Listening to songs, watching movies and videos and playing games are some other reasons. To those who don’t have friends, their phones are their companions. Whatever reason you have for using your phones, these among others are why one can barely leave the phone behind even during working hours. Well, using your phone isn’t bad, the problem is when you use it without adequate light at night or in the dark. This habit, according to research isn’t healthy. In this article, I’ll explain a few reasons why using your phone in the dark may cause more harm than good.

Temporal blurry vision

When you use your phone in a bright environment, there’s even distribution of the light coming from your device and the environment. This makes it easy to look on and operate your device without difficulty. Now when you use your phone in the dark, the only light source becomes your phone. This makes it difficult for your eyes to absorb all the rays. That is why you try to strain or close your eyes to reduce the amount of rays entering it. There’s usually a temporal blurry vision for a while before the eyes finally adjust. So imagine repeating this act every night of your life, your eyes may consequently give up on you.

Damaged vision from blue light

Also, the blue light emitted from your devices is part of the full light spectrum. During the day, we are exposed to it by the sun. At night, we are exposed to that same light which is emitted at high levels by smartphones, tablets, laptops and other LED screens which may be damaging your vision.

Damage to your retina

According to studies, direct exposure to blue light can damage your retinas. The American Macular Degeneration Foundation warns that retinal damage caused by blue light could lead to macular degeneration. This is a condition that causes the loss of central vision and also the leading cause of permanent vision loss in the elderly.

Risk of cataracts

Even though it hasn’t been proven, there may also be a link between blue light exposure and cataracts. More research is ongoing, but this is another possible risk of using your phones in the dark.

The ultimate solution to avoiding this problem, is putting your phones or devices away each evening. Better still, you can put on your light till you’re done using your device.

For those of us who can’t put our phones down at night, consider reducing the brightness of your device. Getting glasses for your eyes and screen protectors are also alternatives.

There’s also a Night Shift feature for iOS and Twilight app for Andriod. These will enable you to adjust your screen colors to minimize blue light emissions to help protect your eyes.

Next time you want to use your phone or laptop at night, think twice because your eyesight may be at stake!


Emmanuel Ofosu

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