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We take our hue and the color of our moral character from those who surround us. We draw inspiration and stay motivated by those who are around us, always choose the best people to be around

Dr Adanna Steinaker is a young woman with a beautiful family and lives currently in Ireland where she works. She is also a content creator who allows viewers a little chance into her family life and also educate viewers on topics she considers worth sharing and elaborating upon.

As the founder and CEO of Medics Abroad Ltd, she leads her team of professional Doctors to identify many deprived communities and assist them to the best of their knowledge and ability.

This great team, is good at providing quality medical care as well as essential social needs to people in dire need of their services.

On a recent tour, she and her team members such as Dr Chinwe Ojiyi and Dr. @wendy_evans, @dr_zido,@drsarasienna worked tirelessly to bring smiles and wipe tears and also take pain away from people suffering in some communities in Kenya.

There are several people who are out there in both underdeveloped and developing countries who lack the ability to access basic health services. They continue to reach out to many communities through their International Community Engagement (ICE) Programme. This outreach programme continues to redefine medical educational travel. She draws their inspiration to pilot her plans.

It is heart-warming to make an impact on society, and even more rewarding to improve  the quality of life of people.

Long live Daughters and Sons of Africa.

Long live Dr. Adanna Steinacker and her team of selfless Medics

Long live Medics Abroad!



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