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A child’s health condition can give a parent or guardian restless nights for ages, but the ability to control it while you’re away can really put the mind to rest, trusting that in your absence they will be fine.

There are two types of diabetes that affect children namely the
*Type 1 Diabetes
*Type 2 Diabetes

The type 1 developes over a short period of time while the Type 2 takes variably a longer period to show symptoms of its existence.The type 2 is usually common among children who are over weight and this prevents their bodies from accepting insulin usage.

Common Symptoms To look out for In your Child

Thirst: the child begins to depict signs of constant dehydration and the desire to drink water frequently

a mother and child (source

Excessive Urination and bed wetting is also likely to occur

Severe Hunger: They tend to become hungry very often

Blurred Vision
Diabetes in children can be noticed through the constant blur of vision

Slow healing of sores:
Wounds or sores takes much longer time to heal. Their immune systems become weak .

Weight Loss
Children who are diabetic begin to loose weight gradually and start to look thinner or malnourished

A medic attending to a patient (

It is necessary that you teach the child, how to constantly check their blood sugar with a glucose meter to enable them regulate their blood levels and avoid complications

Practicing healthy eating: creating good and healthy meal plans for the kids will help you trace their diets and know what exactly your child is eating and at what time they are eating it.

It is advisable that their sleep is monitored to look out for any sleeping complications or disorders .Most especially if they happen to have the type two diabetes

It is suggested that they engage in exercises that keeps them active ,playful and healthy.

Glucose level blood test

To ensure that they are are safe and sound, the correct dosage must be given to them at the appropriate time.

Due to advancement in technology, there are many apps in the App Store and play store which can enable a Parent or care taker to be able to monitor the child.Things such as body weight and blood sugar level can be checked and controlled. Some of these apps are free while others are to be paid for
A typical example is GLUORACLE.

Finally, education empowers the individual suffering from this health condition and creates some awareness internally . It helps them appreciate life and also enable them take good care of themselves. This will help them to refrain from unhealthy habits.



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