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One may decline a partnership owing to the limitations and the responsibility of shared debt. The question is. Does being a sole proprietorship allude  more flexibility and autonomy than a partnership ?. In order to work as a team on the entrepreneurial ship, both parties must be of similar foresight, determination and objective. Although these alliances may accrue unforeseen circumstances and a degree of risks, we can not overlook it’s potential to become successful ventures. The likes of Google, Microsoft, Apple, Hewlett Packard just to name a few have certainly affirmed the hackneyed phrase two heads are better than one. These giants have a common denominator and that is a synergy that engulfs a sense of support and optimism towards their collaboration.

Philmaclean Concepts is one of such daunting partnerships. Philmaclean Concepts was established in 2016 by two creative minds well thought in the art of Graphic designing. They have since washed through the entrepreneurial floods and emerged successful. Phillip shares with us their story so far:
What is PhilMaclean concept about and how long has it been of existence ?_

PhilMaclean Concepts is a Graphic Design, arts and Media Firm. We provide all Graphic design needs including  the making of Logos,Call Cards,Fliers,Invites and also Pencil and Digital Portraits and Printing services. We also undertake media services such as Voice over and MC services. It was established in 2016

What inspired the formation of PhilMaclean concept?

.It was the idea of me and my partner George Maclean to come together and form a firm that deals with graphic designing, arts and media. We are both Graphic designers. I do voice overs and am a freelance MC as well. So we decided to team up and use our talents to create a firm that would solve these needs.

What was your mission ?

Mission was to use our creativity and talents to produce outstanding designs, arts and Media works for mankind.

Who are the founders of PhilMaclean?

PhilMaclean was founded by Philip David Ofori and George Maclean. Two childhood friends. We met during our jhs days at God’s Grace International school and followed it up at PresecLegon and Opoku Ware Secondary school respectively. We shared the same vision so we decided to team up.

What are some of challenges you face?

Would say we like any start up, we do have challenges.We looking to get more equipment to undertake our services

What’s unique about PhilMaclean concept?

That should be our creative ideas we use in fulling our clients needs. We listen to our clients preferences and make a story out of it and practically bring out the design, artwork and Media works. And also our ability to produce within the shortest possible time.

How do you see Philmaclean in the next years to come ?

So far so good. We have great reviews from our clients.Our dream is to see PhilMaclean Concepts become one of the well known and successful graphic design, arts and media firm in the coming years.Also to employ new talents to our firm and bring out the best from them.

How do you market Philmaclean concepts?

So Most of Marketing and advertisement of PhilMaclean Concepts is done through social media.We have social media pages on Facebook, Instagram and also through  WhatsApp status. Also we take advantage of networking at various functions we attend and tell people about the business.

How do you  acquire your capital or how is your business financed?

Well since it is a partnership we use money from our respective earnings.

Any word of advice for young people seeking to venture into entrepreneurship

Choose something that you both love and are good at and also most important single thing is to focus obsessively on your customers and make sure they are well served.Never give up. Today is hard tomorrow, will be worse, but the day after tomorrow will be sunshine.

Thanks for granting Light Magazine Africa this opportunity in discovering such ambitious entrepreneurs like yourselves

To be successful in any sustainable business venture often requires innovation and the zeal to persevere. In a nutshell
One must know that Entrepreneurship is a mind-set, an attitude; it is taking a particular approach to doing things.


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