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Decadence: The Other Side Of Chalewote

The chalewote, a Ghanaian festival with its intent to appreciate culture, the art, food and the inventiveness of the Ghanaian people saw a decline in its cultural essence. The food had a unique taste to it, the sobolo served in cute calabashes, the brukina in cute little packs, and my personal favorite the roasted corn with its personalize mode of advertisement. It was adorable, to say the least.


I went to the place on Sunday, what was supposed to be the last day of activities, with a friend at around 11 pm. It was so crowded. We met other friends and they took us to a place near the lighthouse. That’s where I saw people drinking all kinds of alcoholic beverages, smoking all kinds of things and grinding and humping. They were clothes away from having sex, not that they were wearing much. The scene was so similar to that of a club you could have mistaken it for one instead of what it was meant to be, an amalgam of art.

I came to the realization that aside from the day’s activities of appreciation of culture, experiencing different traditions through food and the pride that came with being Ghanaian; there came the jams, the grinding, humping and the sexual.

It was made so much so that what was art became an astonishing display of decadence. Where lies the art in the grinding or the humping?


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