Ever wondered why labourers, street hawkers and all other people who do menial jobs in our society are not so well to do? Ever wondered why the Foreman at a construction site, who literally doesn’t do anything but to direct and supervise the labourers earn more than the laborers doing all the hard work? These examples sited above makes the point clear that in this new age, we don’t just work hard, we should also work smart. As the saying goes “Use your head and use your hand”. Don’t just work with your hand but be smart and add some intelligence in order to stand out. There are lots of people sitting in the comfort of their homes doing lots of smart and well planned work but are making more money than those so called” suit and tie” people who sit in the office all day. There are lots of jobs out there, which demand less hard work, yet can make you lots of money.

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There are thousands of jobs over the internet. We live in a world, where the internet controls virtually everything. Many jobs and activities online can fetch you money even when you are in the comfort of your home. A typical example is investing into BITCOIN. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency which smartly invested in, could  grow your money. When you invest into Bitcoin, you can sit in the comfort of your home and make enough money depending on how much you invested. Other ventures worth investing your time and money in are   e-commerce and Blogging. All this and many other online activities can fetch you more money than people who walk in the hot sun or sit in offices all day. Now that’s smart work. When you make good use of the internet you can live a very comfortable life without going to any work place or street to hustle to earn a living. Many people fail to make good use of the internet. This makes them ignorant about the jobs and activities online. Instead of wasting time on unnecessary stuffs on social media and the internet at large, we should use it to find ways to better our lives without stress.

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As a young budding African entrepreneur, investments should be a priority. An entrepreneur should not be content with his or her current financial status but rather should thrive to invest into other productive businesses and activities. This can be done by purchasing shares, treasury bills and other avenues that give you the chance to invest your money. The more you invest, the more you gain. You can also invest in your talent or passion. Your talent is something you are good at doing. Turning your talent into an occupation would make it easy and fun to do. Since your talent is something you  love doing, you will not be stressed up while doing it. It will  be like you are getting money from something you enjoy doing. When you plan well and use your talent wisely, you will be earning a lot without having to stress yourself.
I’m not against working hard but in doing so, you should endeavor to apply some smartness and strategy in other areas.  The hand and head should go hand in hand in everything that you do, to ensure that whatever you venture into will be successful. Always remember that in this modern world too much hard work doesn’t necessarily pay much but the combination of both hard work and smartness does.


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