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Exclusive Interview With Mr. Bubunyo Nyavor, CEO of AF Radio

I very much enjoyed my interview with Mr. Nyavor. Mr. Nyavor had an aura of confidence, enthusiasm, and insightfulness around him. He was already in the mood for answering more meaningful questions and at the same time, he appeared comfortable engaging in more relaxed conversations where I was able to learn more about him and his personality.

First of all, give us a brief summary about you and your qualifications (academic background and certificates)

“My name is Bubunyo Nyavor, I graduated KNUST with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering. I realized very early in high school that the purpose of schooling was to help you think and ever since I have been inspired to start small businesses here are there to make money. From being a graphic designer to building websites to wristband and dog tags, I did it all.”

Isn’t that interesting? Well, the introduction raised my curiosity cup and for that matter, I went ahead to ask further questions, to which I must commend Mr. Bubunyor Nyavor for his unflinching corporation.

  1. What is AF Radio and what do you do?

“AF Radio is a consumer application that helps you listen to live radio and play back the ones you missed.”


  1. How long has AF Radio been in existence?

“AF Radio was officially launched in February 2017.”


  1. What inspired the formation of AF Radio?

“I realized that the WhatsApp chat traffic accumulating from my high school year group page was too much to handle. This chat group was the same place where changes in timetables and exams were posted, so if you were keeping up with the chat you were bound to miss very important information. I decided to create a chat app to sort this communication problem. When we launched we realized the network effect was going to make it hard for people to migrate to our chat tool. We kept getting feedback that our chat app was going to be of more use in radio because they had a communication issue. When we evaluated the radio market we realized that as much as the chat was a problem what was more of a problem was the fact that they didn’t have a way to identify their audience. We sort out to build a mobile app to listen to the radio and to drive adoption we added playback. The rest is history.”


  1. Can you tell us about how to access the Af Radio app? The nature of the App and its compatibility on various operating systems.

“AF Radio can be accessed on both the app store for ios and play store for android. You can also listen online at


  1. How is AF Radio financed?

“We raised some initial funding of USD 50K. Also our Dynamic Ad Insertion Tool, AdMaxx is a source of revenue.”



  1. AF Radio has quite a number of accolades and a national presence, how did you achieve this tremendous feat?

“We worked hard to improve the product, bringing out the best value possible and most important of all listened to our cherished customers.”


  1. How many countries is AF Radio operational in?

“Currently only Ghana, with plans to go into Nigeria and South Africa very soon.”


  1. What makes AF Radio standout to its competitors?

“We go further to bring you playback for your radio favorite radio shows. So people don’t have to worry about catching them, this makes people relaxed and comfortable knowing that AF Radio has got their back no matter what they missed on radio.”


  1. What is next for AF Radio?

“I don’t know to be honest, but we are taking one step at a time and making sure we do not get ahead of ourselves, but if anything comes up you will be the first to know.”


Actually, at this point, I was highly honored.


  1. A short word of advice to young African entrepreneurs.

“When you think about creating a business whether in tech or not, think about how you are going to create value for whoever you serve. Let everything else you do to create this value be the means. Your product is not your business, your business is the value your product delivers. And deliver this value incrementally, this is how you get forward and build trust with the people without burning yourself out, both physically and most importantly mentally. Because this path of entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart. If you do this will the money will always come.”


Mr. Nyavor appears to be very hard working, a strong leader, insightful, enthusiastic, and eager to grow his company and himself as an individual. He also appears passionate about helping others develop.




Shadrack Osei Aboagye

Holds a BSC. Materials Engineering obtained from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. Loves writing and sharing businesses and technological ideas to improve the lives of others.

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