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The Question Women Shy From Asking?

How many times they've had Sex 😱

Is it necessary at all? If yes then maybe you should be prepared for some good lies.
It is enough to admit to a friend that you’ve had sex. Though people have entirely diverse perceptions towards body counts. It is undeniably true that most women shy away from the question whether among their female colleagues or new dates who were getting to know them.

Body counts which simply means the number of people one had had sex with.
For some reasons, people are willing to take the answer to this question to their graves than to admit to the number of men they went to bed with or the number of times they’ve had sex before marriage.

Some Women find it very insulting and consider the one asking the question as a judgemental person. Other ladies hysterically laugh at the question and tell you about it without being apologetic while the third group of ladies will not react in any special way but just shy away from the topic.

Right from the first intimacy to her subsequent adventures, every lady has a different story to tell. Whether the lady was with countless men or not, It will be interesting to get to know her well enough for her to be willing to speak up.

Forcing her to talk about something that makes her uncomfortable might result in lies such as downplaying the number or total denial. Especially if she is willing to be in the good books. What number is acceptable and what number is considered too much? These answers vary from individual to individual. A clear indication that people care a lot while others don’t.

Oftentimes, some reasons which discourage ladies from talking are;
* fear of being criticized
*Risk of rejection
* Fear of future insecurities and reminders
* Loss of respect and Stigma
* Name calling
*Body Shaming
* Difficulty in finding a range
* An escape from a dark past.

Whatever the case may be, do not probe anyone who is not willing to speak about on this subject. Some will willingly discuss their sexual lives once they feel secure and no more vulnerable. Some things are better left unsaid.



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