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How To Deal With Your Cramps

How To Handle Your Cramps

Going through the same pain monthly can be devastating. What if I told you there were proven ways you could employ to reduce the pain or get rid of it completely? The most important aspect is to know what day your next period will commence. In as much as it is good to know beforehand, it is important to note that due to hormonal disorders, sometimes they do not come on those marked dates. This is perfectly okay.

Primary dysmenorrhea are mild pains while secondary dysmenorrhea are the severe ones felt as a result of a developed problem in the reproductive organ. The pain from prostaglandins result in the contraction of the uterine muscle, hence leading to cramps.

These tips have worked for several others and is definitely worth  sharing. Even though our genetic makeups differ, they cannot be underestimated.

  1. Satisfy your cravings: During these period , surprisingly Women tend to develop some cravings. It is advised that you get whatever you’re craving for , and latch onto it gently to ease your pain. Interestingly many Women go in for sweets.
  2. Apply heat: applying heat to your abdomen and waist area can bring about so much joy and comfort since it helps with blood circulation.
  3. Massage your abdomen area and lower back.
  4. Exercise days before the menstrual flow, or during the flow period
  5. Avoid cold water or ice cubes since it can be a result for the clot which increase the pain and discomfort
  6. Take Pills: Menstrual cramps relievers help a lot by reducing the pains or completely calming it down.
  7. Maintain personal hygiene by changing sanitary pads regularly. This helps psychologically
  8. Bath regularly: As much as you’re free and less busy , you can bath to keep your self neat and devoid of any discomfort and infections or offensive odours.
  9. Get into a relaxed mood: pamper yourself or allow your significant other to pamper you. This helps in the sense that , it cushions the mind to accept a state of vulnerability and begin to feel more need for sympathy and care.You can equally choose to watch your favourite movie or series that you were missing out on or try baking , or cooking. Something new just to keep you busy.


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