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Discovering The Art Of Eating With Starbites

Eating is the art that you just don't mess with...

Are you looking to have that casual date with that casual person or the serious one or both. Or you are looking for the perfect setting for that break-up date or just about any date at all


I would applaud Starbites, the East Legon branch, for the way they have managed to blend the African with the Western. Those cute calabashes put on the plates inspire sparks of appreciation for our African roots.


I have been to lots of places and I can’t express satisfaction towards their services. I went to a certain place the last time and the waiter was so unprofessional. As a matter of fact, there was only one waiter available. Can you imagine! But with Starbites, it was good, from the cute waiters to the manager who was around to check on everything to the extent of even serving when they looked overwhelmed. They were so attentive to our needs I was quite impressed. Their services were more than satisfactory, to be frank, it was quite excellent except for the slight delay when the bill was requested for.

The Meal

This is always my favorite part of every experience with any food oriented franchise. I had a sandwich with a strawberry and banana milkshake. The sandwich was really rich. It had bits and pieces of meat and eggs with veggies. The innermost part of the bread was soft and succulent…hmmm delightful! The crust was a little too dry though and made my mouth quite sore. I washed it down with the amazing milkshake in which you could taste the perfect blend of strawberry and banana with the touch of yogurt.













I have never written about the presentation of food I eat before but because they deserve to be applauded for their artistic arrangement on the plate, the calabash containing the ketchup and the beautiful blend of colors was just astounding.


Food is not just something to fill the stomach. It is to be appreciated and reveled in like an artwork because that’s what it is and should be, a piece of art!


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