Music they say is a universal language. Well, there is truth in that but have you thought about fashion? I feel fashion fits better in that statement. I love music so much but when you look closely, you can see that fashion and music are similar to a coin or the ying-yang.

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Come to think of it, in a way fashion is bigger and older than music. I had an encounter with a fashion student who recounted how his lecturer had an assertion that Adam and Eve were the first designers because they made clothes from leaves after they ate the “apple”. I sat on that and I confidently said that’s definitely a lie. If we are going biblical on fashion, then you should know God is the first fashion designer since He made angels wear white “robes” and gave them wings.

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Some will argue and say music crosses borders but hey, fashion does beyond that. Fashion influences cultures and that is undeniably the strongest. Going back in history, a way of dressing and styling identifies who you are and where you are from. When you tell me music makes you feel good even if you don’t understand it’s language. I will then remind you of how you feel every day when you are all dressed and you get people complimenting you.

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Musicians mostly use fashion for their identity. Every artiste can easily be identified for their sense of fashion and when we talk about branding, 80% of that is about how one portrays himself in terms of how they look. In these times when music acts have a lot of events to attend in a year, the most important thing people look forward to is what who is going to wear. You can’t go naked and even if you do, fashion will claim that too. Fashion can totally survive without music but music undoubtedly can’t. If you as a musician decide not to go to events just to debunk my point on this, remember you can’t go to the studio to record naked and even if you do, fashion has already claimed nudity. So with this I can comfortably say fashion is a universal language not music.

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