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Trachoma is a bacteria infection that affects the eye and is caused by bacterium chlamydia trachomatis.
Just as any disease, Trachoma has its own phase of development after infection. One common feature of trachoma is that, is spreads easily, and fortunately it can be treated within few weeks by medical professionals. Such a relief isn’t it?.But unfortunately blindness from it is inevitable.
According to the WHO, in an article, it was stated that, one of the resolutions, which they adopted was the WHA51.11 in 1998, this goal was towards targeting The Global Elimination of Trachoma as a Public Health Problem.






It is common among Children of younger ages and poses a higher risk percentage usually about 60-90 % but this risk drastically reduces with growth.There are several environmental risks that exposes an individual to its spread. Below are a few:
•Water shortage : lack of access to good drinking and bathing water exposes the community dwellers to bad sources in search of water for domestic usage.
•Poor hygiene: It is always advisable that one lives in a clean environment,
it helps to reduce viral infections.
•Congestion: Households which are congested  and not airy  enough hastens the spread.
•Lack of access to  sanitation facilities .

Ghana in the strive to rise to the top and eliminate Trachoma, used;
•Surgery to treat extreme situation which resulted in blindness
•Improved upon the environmental conditions of the less privileged societies
•Education and Practicing of frequent facial washing
•The distribution of antibiotics to affected persons




In June 2018 , Ghana was declared Trachoma free, by the Ministry of Health. This makes Ghana the First Nation to combat the defect in sub   Saharan   Africa.
The World Health Organization (WHO) and several NGO used a policy known as the SAFE methods which was used as a guide for it’s treatment and elimination.
This elimination was also successful through the help of donors and Non Governmental Organization as they brought smiles to many faces.

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