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Sometimes I just go and read some stuff on the net…..maybe how to make  your weekend lively…. or how to have fun with friends and what to do to happy yourself always. But mostly I read on the simple pleasures of life, the simple things that make you happy. And most of them involve taking a walk in the woods, a stroll by the coast, having a drink out in the open, sleeping in on a rainy day, going for a swim on a sunny day, a day at the sauna maybe and a whole lot. Come to think of it, most of these things don’t actually cost a lot, but that will actually depend on the simple things you pleasure.

Myself personally, I fancy traveling, eating a whole box of chocolates weekly, going for rides, having silly dates, shopping, going out to the movies and eating out a lot. Now I am sure most of you out there will not have preferences outside my box. They all revolve around each other. But sometimes I realize that I am hindered because I don’t have the resources to undertake these simple pleasures, the resources being in the form of time and money. You may dwell on the fact that its only money that may hinder you but that is not true. The time to do all those is equally necessary. But the question is do we have that?

That is what made me know that the simple things that can actually pleasure you is having the free will to do anything of your choice at anytime. And that can only happen if you are a boss of your own and others, definitely we can’t all be bosses. So it’s never too early or too young to build your empire. Neither is it too late to do the simple things that matter most in your life but that will depend on how serious you are to really do the simple things that make you happy.

So now we will just go a little further to see how to be a boss of your own. There is no new job out there; that is one thing we need to realize. It’s all about how you brand what you do. Traveling across Ghana made me realize that everything we need and want is already out there, but it is all about how we make it look that will determine our empire. So making it big will solve our problem of money and time because once you are your own boss, you have all the resources you need and you get to enjoy the simple things that matter most.


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