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Vegetables offer many benefits to the body when consumed. It is therefore  expected of us to incorporate  some of these vegetables in our dietary intakes.

Whether it is a homemade  salad,a vegetable juice from your favorite restaurant ,it is important to drink vegetable juices,  so as to allow your body taste the goodness from the vegetables regularly.Some examples are;fennel, cabbage,tomatoes, carrots .


1.It strengthens the body’s anti infectious  defense system and boosts the immune systems.

2.vegetables which are rich in Vitamin C and those with high vitamin contents can be consumed to help push wrinkles away.Most importantly from the face and hands that is helping solve beauty problems and takes care of the skin and body.

  1. Pigments from plants help to protect the cells against certain carcinogenic substances which leads to prevention of cancer development in the human body.

4.Having acne can  always be discomforting. Vegetable juice can help on preventing acne since they aid in cell protection as a results of the antioxidants in them

5.Hair Care. The greens prevent hair loss. Hair loss can be experienced as a result of nutrient deficiency. Constant intake can help improve healthy hair.A typical example is beta carotene which improves hair growth.

6.From the method deployed in making the juice, fiber could be gotten.The fiber content can help in clearing the digestive system while the body can also expel excess toxins and fats with the help of some qualities  in vegetables.

The Hacks

  1. If you’re  drinking with your family especially kids, in order for them to enjoy it while the have fun, make it look presentable by garnishing it properly with dressings of their favorite fruits on top or loaded in it. This will make it attractive  and appealing.

  2. There are people who will prefer the juice without the fiber, they need the strained juice only.

  3. Add lime to taste

  4. When it comes to the physical appearance, it is important to play with colors. You can add a reddish vegetable to a green juice just to alter the color for someone  who won’t love to drink the greens.

  5. Finally adding ice cubes also changes the taste and makes it feel refreshing to consume.


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