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Wait? What are your expectations? Well, if you are looking to see a list of contacts of entrepreneurs or CEOs, then sorry to disappoint. The quickest remedy for joblessness is you. Surprised? Don’t be. Let’s just go a little further.

If you want to secure that dream job, get that dream car and make it in life like everybody wants to, then it all depends on your determination, your grit and your primal need to thrive. Day in and out, we have students graduating with their degrees and over 5,000 students graduate every year, an underestimation, that is.

What makes you so special or relevant that you think you should get that job you want to amidst students with different degrees and some even higher than yours in honors? It’s your determination and how you brand yourself.

When you are going in for an interview, you are asked for your working experience but what some of us don’t really know is that work experience is not necessarily working for an organization or company. Leadership roles that you undertake counts as work experience. Committees that you worked in during your education, most importantly tertiary aspect, count as working experience.

There are some people who go through their tertiary education without involving themselves in any extra-curricular activities, just because they think they are there basically to learn. News flash! Learning does not only involve academic discourses. In fact, engaging yourself in these extra-curricular activities builds up your public speaking skills, gives you good communications skills, trains you for leadership positions and makes you a good team player. All these aforementioned qualities are also acquired through learning processes and can only be acquired by being active in your particular curricular activities. What more will an employer want in an employee? Actually, there is more.

Another mistake most of us do is thinking that a particular discipline is not related to our course of study hence we disregard it completely. These days, anything you come by should be taken important and not disregarded right away, most especially, Information Technology (IT) related stuff. I personally encountered a problem when I was attending an interview for internship.

I was asked if I could manipulate the programs on the computer and I was at a loss. In my head, I was all about what IT has got to do with Linguistics and \French. But who cares? I therefore made it a point to take it upon myself to study anything and everything about IT.

What you need to know is that employers out there are looking for resourced employees, well informed in the areas of technology, so don’t relax thinking you got it all. You need to up yourself if you do not want to be jobless. Technology is now the language of the world.

Another remedy to joblessness, you learn a trade or a hand’s on job. You might come out of school and if you are not so lucky you might end up not getting a job instantly. During those periods, what are your alternatives to living independently? Learn something, even if it’s making soaps, shampoos, antiseptics, pastries and what have you. In times like these, trust you me, it will definitely come in handy.

As I said early on, the quickest remedy for joblessness is not anywhere or with anyone but you. Rebrand yourself. Expose yourself to opportunities. Be a risk taker and be confident. Know how to sell yourself well and don’t settle for anything less. There are no new jobs anywhere. You can create that job for yourself. It’s all about how you brand yourself.


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