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You might have heard or read about this seeds but maybe in a different language. Parkia Biglobosa which is also known as Net to or Near in Mandinka; or most likely Arbre à fauve in the French language or Maybe Dawa dawa.

It is commonly prepared by women and later allowed to ferment, which gives it the strong pungent aroma. It can be found in the wide range of the African continent and usually grown mainly for the seeds and the sweet pulp.

Some Vital Uses

#The processed seeds are used for enhancing flavour and aroma in soups and sauces, You cannot forget the Ghanaian shitor.

#It is also used for preparing local herbs.Example it is added to a herb  and mixed with lime for licking in order to treat boils and tonsils.



The leaves help solve indigestion and prevent bloating.

The seeds are used for manufacturing

condiments .

It enables the body fight bacterial attack and heal wound faster.

It has a fat content , and a source of protein (35%), Carbohydrate (16%) and lipid 29%.

Eating locust beans prevents you from having boils.



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