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Many times,the question most of us ask as we are in school or going in for that job is, how are we going to write that perfect and catchy CV? A curriculum vitae,commonly known as the CV is a concise document which summarizes your past,existing professional skills,proficiency,educational background and experience.This is to indicate that you are competent enough for the job for which you are applying.

The need to take into consideration the type of job you are applying for to know more about that job and what is and not relevant for the CV is very crucial. A list of jobs that you have performed before should be included in the CV but it should be related to the job you are aiming for and if not it should be listed anyhow to show that you have some experience and can be a good team player.

You can also choose to add your special skills, interests and hobbies. Note that they should be positive enough to put you in that limelight and they should imply a passive solitary personality.The reference part of the CV is very essential. Since you need people to testify in your favor,you need to generate a list of referees, be it from your lecturers or previous employers and make sure they are made aware they are being listed.

Your educational background is very crucial in the construction of the CV.Make sure every section of education is covered and leave no loopholes. Remember, perfection is what we aim to attain.

Your personal profile is an optional part of the CV and it is good as it gives your reviewer a more in-depth look at you as a person. This is where you sell yourself and boy!,you should make it real good.

After brainstorming all these and writing them in your preferred but professional style,you should scan over to check for any errors made. Make sure  it is not sloppy or unprofessional.Proofreading your CV or better still finding someone to proofread it is highly recommended. This aids in helping to remove repeated information and also critically check your grammar.

One last thing worth noting is that you read your CV and think like the company in question. This helps you to make better judgements and criticize importantly what is relevant and what is not.

To end my article, I would say that the CV does not necessarily have to be in a particular or strict manner. They should just be organized neatly and should show adequate preparation. And ta-daa, we have our perfect CV.



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