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With the idea that the University of Ghana,Legon offered me linguistics as a course to study,I decided to just read it and make at least my grades and then later on if it proves to be difficult,drop it like a hot potato but little did I know I was in for a big surprise. Well I am sure there are a lot of you out there thinking the same even if it isn’t Linguistics but let me bring this to your notice. Nothing is there for being there sake, but for a reason and you have to actually come to terms with it to know how to fully and efficiently manipulate it to your use. So tighten your seat belts.

Now back to linguistics,did you know that with Linguistics you can actually teach English in a foreign country?Let me clarify this for those clueless when it comes to the course Linguistics.  Some might already have heard that when you study linguistics then you would become a linguist. Well that is not completely false but I would say that it is underrated. Linguistics is the scientific study of the human language and its characteristics. It has six branches,being phonetics,phonology,morphology,syntax,semantics and pragmatics.

Now some would say obviously you would become a lecturer,teacher or linguist with the study of linguistics and it is true. We are in a country where teachers are not fully appreciated but in countries like Russia and Japan,that acknowledgement is available.With Linguistics,you get to teach English in these countries which obviously pays higher than in Ghana and other African countries.

With multilingual skills,you can work as a translator with a BA in linguistics.And it can be done in any language you put your mind to, because linguistics exposes you to easily study any human language there is, relating to the structure and meaning in the language.So yeah, you can work in any local and international organization and the best of it all is that translators are in high demand these days looking at the increase in the number of languages commonly used in business.The UN for instance is one place you can work as a linguistic graduate because of the demand of translators in the General Assembly.So before you think linguistics is just a course, relax and take a deep breath.

A BA in Linguistics combined with some skills in computer science can enable one obtain a position in companies associated with IT like Macintosh that can create computers and produce human language.We need to understand that the rate at which technology is increasing is quite fast and these days computers are made such that they pick human language. Now what we need to understand here is that the computer is a robot in the first place and it acts on the instruction of its programmer,now the brain of that computer is the programmer and that programmer is no doubt that Linguistic student. Surprised,aren’t you? Yeah,the robot acts on instruction which means it has to comprehend the human language before it can do whatever it has been asked to do and who better than the Linguistic student to associate the brain and comprehension of human language in the robot,thanks to the exposure in the study of human language and even how it translates in the brain.

With a BA in Linguistics and further studies in another field,like law,gives linguists excellent analytic and writing skills needed in fields like journalism.With some knowledge in Linguistics,one is able to go into any other course of his or her choice because linguistics gives you that exposure and advantage of understanding things clearer.You are able to work in an industry and work on problems involving language and Art.

Now with these job opportunities,you can build that empire or business where you deal with language translation and production of computers and other robots that has to deal with human relation and most especially human language.You can train other students in the field of Linguistics and later on employ them to come and work in your company.Linguistics is an opportunity wrapped in the name of a course we seem to hardly recognize let alone appreciate. We are in a society and remember that no language,no society.This is what linguistics has to offer.

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