3 Things That Totally Put Men Off

As a woman, there are certain things you can say to a man that will single-handedly kill his attraction, bruise his ego, or make him run for the hills.

Even though guys like to play tough, this doesn’t mean they’re invincible. In fact, how women perceive them is one of their more sensitive areas.

If you’re hoping to win him over or keep him close then NEVER say these three things to a man.

“You’re just like my ex.”

Your ex is an ex for a reason.

Telling your current love interest or partner that he’s like someone who failed to keep you is like saying, “You’re a loser,” or “This is never going to work.”

Men thrive on positive reinforcement and recognition. If the comments you’re sending his way are subtle hints that he’s failing, then he isn’t going to stick around.

He may not show it, but telling a man that he’s like an ex is a huge jab at his ego. Even if you mean it in a good way, comparing him to someone of your past will never come across as a compliment. Be fair to him and don’t make him feel like he’s the same as some guy who didn’t work out.

“I wish you made more money.”

It takes a certain kind of woman to tell a man he doesn’t earn enough, or that she wishes he’d make more. That said, this same message can be conveyed in less obvious ways, and still have the same negative impact.

For instance, saying things like, “I wish we could afford to do more”, or “Mary’s boyfriend just bought her a insert item. She’s so lucky”, will make him feel like he’s not good enough for you.

Since men want to be providers for those they care about, if you make him feel like he isn’t doing a good job in this department then a few things may happen.

  • He may choose to leave you for someone who appreciates him and isn’t concerned with the number on his paycheque.
  • This blow to his self esteem may affect other areas of your relationship, for instance your sex life or communication habits.
  • He may start to see you as a gold-digger, or the type of woman whose affection needs to be won with material goods. This is a real attraction killer.

Since money is a sensitive topic and even the slightest misunderstanding can lead to bigger problems, play it safe avoid talking about his income. Instead of making him feel like he isn’t good enough, keep him happy by being the kind of woman who encourages and supports him.

“Do I look fat?”

This is a classic, and you’ve probably heard it mocked in and by pop culture countless times.

The problem with asking your guy this question is that it shows your insecurities, and equally as awful, it may make him take a longer, harder look at your body. If you’re asking him this question then chances are you don’t want him doing this.

Truth be told, most men won’t notice if your jeans fit a bit too snug or if your arms “look big” in your favourite top. Instead of pointing out your personal shortcomings, keep quiet, stay confident, and don’t give him a reason to see your imperfections.

If you can pull off being comfortable in your own skin then your confidence will have him hooked – regardless of how you’re feeling about yourself.

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