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One of the most challenging questions that at some point we all must ask ourselves are which type of career is right for me? Certainly, the task of choosing a career can be assessed across a multitude of dimensions and the answers can be just as plentiful. Moreover, each career field has its own unique set education, experience, skills and personality characteristic requirements. Career selection should be a thoughtful process because many career fields require very high initial investments of money, time and training.

From the University of Dubuque, career can be defined as the sum total of decisions that direct your educational, social, economic, political and spiritual endeavors and reflect your unique personality characteristics basic life values.

A job or occupation is a person’s role in society. More specifically a job is an activity often regular and often performed in exchange for payment as a source of livelihood.                                                                                                       Typically, a job would be a subset of someone’s career. The two may differ in that one usually retires from their career versus resignation or termination from a job.

But the fact still remains that; the type of job you undertake shapes your career, because the skills, the experience; in-work training that undergoes are the same skills that one has to put in developing his or her career.

To be able to build a successful career, you need to identify yourself, know who you are. Commit yourself to various tasks and jobs to help harness your talent, be it voluntary, jobs for pay and internships. Indulge yourself also in competitive projects to give a boost in your intellectual abilities.

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You can build a very powerful and successful  career with the right skills,thoughtful insight and determination.Drive, confidence and initiative is all you need. Remember that if you fail to plan now,then you are actually planning to fail.                                                                                                                                                                          Light magazine Africa has given me an opportunity,and that is to motivate the motivator to motivate.We can all do it!

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