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Remedy for WORST menstrual cramp EVER!

A mom once said that menstrual cramp is slightly same with labour pains.The only difference is that labour pains  is the MORE painful version of menstrual pain. If that makes sense.

So today,I’m sharing 5 simple things I do when the cramp is killing me, these things are something you won’t really find on the net ! So brace up.

And no ,you are not going to see the regular, use ginger, or have sex or do yoga or exercise..that you see on almost every blog..because.. Looking for ginger or having sex or doing exercise is the last thing I’m ready for when I’m cramping.

Also, everyone and anything becomes ten times annoying during periods, so let us cramp and bleed in peace!

Things I do :

  1. A hot shower bath:I always love to bath in warm water ,literally squatting under the shower and enjoying the warm water,grabbing a towel and rubbing my lower abdomen with warm water.
  2. Pain reliever:after taking my shower,I love to take a very light meal and a pain reliever,I often take paracetamol and it works.
  3. Drinking a teabag: when the pain becomes intense,I love to have a cup of Lipton tea bag as it reduces the pain.maybe because of the warmth..any thing warm is your best friend during periods.
  4. Listen to music or watch YouTube: this is one way I take my mind of the pains.
  5. Sleeping on your back:I love to lay on my back ,while I get someone to rub my tummy or place a bottle of warm water on my belly while I sleep.

Like I said these are things I do that works for could work for you and it may not.But however I hope you enjoy it and I hope its useful.

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