Do we really know the essence of sex in our lives? I will say, “it’s not something should be taken lightly”. You can join me as I share my thoughts …

Sex is not really meant for baby making only. Sex has got two side, it can build and destroy and it can also save or kill. It is also popularly known for bringing a new life this showing how significant sex can be in one’s life as long as it is done responsibly and safely. There are many good benefits of sex and there are also bad things that comes out of it.

In as much as sex destroys the health of an individual, it can also improve it. Yes it can lead to HIV/AIDS and other (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) STDs . This should never be forgotten, always put this into consideration. Sex can also reduce chances of prostate cancer, heart diseases and can also be fun if done very well.

Not everyone who works gets bonus, not every me who does sex has a baby. A baby is a bonus time gets and not everyone has a baby. No matter how little you get from a bonus, the fact that it is a bonus makes you so excited. Same applies to babies, they are gifts. Whether it is a boy or a girl, light in complexion or dark complexion, every baby is a gift and should be accepted. Some people are really working harder and pray that they get a baby but in vain. Whether they are only boys or only girls, always be grateful. They are the most wonderful gifts.

Many will not be able to concentrate on anything but only on sex when they are busy having sexual intercourse. Sex is too demanding, it will never give you a chance to focus on anything but on sex alone. It takes your mind, body and soul to enjoy sex. Once one is not available (mind, body or soul), reaching climax can be the greatest challenge especially with women.

It is all about giving and receiving, we both give and we both receive. It won’t take much time for me to pass out unlike with women. This is the point most men are losing hence failure to satisfy their women. It does not just take long for women to pass out it it also takes time for them to be aroused. Men can simple be aroused by seeing a woman’s ass, cleavage or half dressed body. Many men forget this point and just rush into inserting before the woman is ready. Men who easily pass out are seem to be weak and less attractive.

There is the emotional part and the fun part about it. If both parties are not free about sex, they will never enjoy it. You can have different partners and they all come with jurisdiction. Have sex when you are ready, with the right person and at the right time.


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