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Africa Ambassador for Ghana Job Bank – Ms. Bisila Bokoko

UAEAfrica MD Consortium, co-founded by Steven Blessing Ackah, a young Ghanaian G200 award winner and Ghana Job Bank Ambassador and Ms. Ana Manduley Atarodian, as well as its partner – EON3 Group – has appointed Ms. Bisila Bokoko as Ghana Job Bank Ambassador for Africa.

This was disclosed recently in an exclusive interview with Mr. Richard Adjei Mensah Ofori Atta, Executive Director, EON3 Group.

Ms. Bisila Bokoko, popularly known as BB, is a phenomenal businesswoman internationally acclaimed for successfully taking companies from the local to the global front.

She is to champion the investment drive for Ghana in particular and Africa as a whole. By this, BB is to lobby internationally acclaimed businessmen and women to come and set up industries in this country and in other parts of the African continent.

In addition to these, Ms. Bokoko will ensure job creation and offer training for entrepreneurs in Ghana to increase their expertise for their businesses to grow.

For 7 years, BB held the position of Executive Director of the Spain-US Chamber of Commerce in New York.

Ms. Bokoko’s efforts have won her widespread recognition and led to her dynamic involvement in EMPRETEC, a United Nations programme that supports up-and-coming entrepreneurs. She herself is the face of “Bisila Wines,” her namesake global award-winning drop made in Spain.


She is the founder of BBES, a New York based business development agency and also BBALP – a non-profit organization committed to opening libraries throughout the continent, with current presence in Ghana, Zimbabwe, Kenya and Uganda.



Anthony Ansong

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