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Interview With the CEO of Marvikz Nigeria

The number of young entrepreneurs in Africa keep increasing rapidly and this is quite commendable considering the state of the formal job market. Over eighty percent of youths in Nigeria has identified the numerous opportunities that lies in starting their own business and we can’t help but applaud some of them for the uniqueness of their brands.

Here’s an interview with one of Nigeria’s fast rising young entrepreneurs, the CEO of Marvikz9ja;


Can you tell us little bit about yourself and your business?

My name is Saliu Marvellous. I’m from Edo state, a graduate from Auchi polytechnic, studied mass communication.

How did you get the idea for your business?

The idea of Marvikz 9ja came when i was in my final year in school. My love for luxury and art led to the creation of Marvikz9ja as a brand when I came to Lagos.
I saw the need to create memories combining pictures with gift items, personally customized to suit the purpose.

Why did you choose this business and how long have you been in business?

I chose this line of business because of the creativity it entails. If you want to be in a business like this you have to be loaded with creativity else you will run out of business. Been in this line for 3 years now.

What are your core services?

Our core services at Marvikz9ja is simply creating memorable luxury gift items with pictures and wordings.

Young entrepreneurs in Africa

How do you advertise your business?

Our good works do most of the advertising and most of our celebrity clients give us shoutouts when they are satisfied with our services.

Have you ever turned down a client? Why?

Yeah. Sometimes I’m forced to turn down some clients. For instance, a customer who knows our production procedures and processes will be pleading to get his or her jobs done in two hours. When we hurry to make the itemand the end product isn’t of top quality, we get the blames and sometimes even run at loss because they would reject it.

Would you consider yourself a successful businessman? Why?

Hmm, not yet. A businessman to me is one who owns a successful business. Marvikz9ja is a success in the making. We are steadily climbing to the top. Once this happens, you wouldn’t even need to ask this question. Can you ask Dangote if he sees himself as a successful businessman? Lol.

What risks do you face?

We face risks of disappointing customers and losing their trusts because we work with machines. Machines don’t give notifications before developing faults and this affects our workflow of meeting some deadlines.

Have you ever considered a partnership?

Yeah. We are open to partnership deals. We are working on opening a forum to seek for possible partnership deals.

To what would you attribute your success?

I attribute all my success to God and to the hard work of myself and my team.

What is unique about your brand?

We make exclusive luxury designs that describes special meanings. Worth every penny we charge.




How can your customers/potential customers reach you?

We have phone numbers, emails, social media accounts we can be reached and currently working on our official website…
Phone numbers: 08161285693,‭0811 368 1391‬,
Whatsapp: 08161285693
Instagram: @marvikz_9ja
Facebook: Marvikz 9ja

Any last words?

I would like to advise upcoming entrepreneurs to discover their drive and work hard to channel that drive into a profitable merchandise.



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