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From Motherhood to a Businesswoman

Mrs. Eunice Ofinnigan is a young mother and a wife who was put out of job because of her pregnancy as a mother, and wonderfully enough, she didn’t want to be jobless or a house wife, but developed an idea through build and improving on herself as a woman and also helping mother across the world. Light Magazine Africa interviewed her to find detailed information on how she started, what keeps her going and what is surviving the company to grow.

I’ve always had a business mind set growing up. So, when I got pregnant in 2012, and the doctors put me out of work, I knew myself and knew that there was no way I could just stay at home and do nothing. I needed to do something so I consulted my husband. He was very understanding and supportive. After I had my baby losing weight was a huge problem—especially my stomach—and I was introduced to the waist trainer. As good as it was in helping me lose weight, it wasn’t of great quality and it was expensive too, so I said to myself how can I turn this thing around?

So in 2013 I founded my company, Nevicurves, with my husband’s encouragement. I started contacting people and manufactures on how I could produce a good quality and less expensive product to help anyone out there that needed a waist trainer: whether to improve their self-esteem, make them feel sexy, help lose weight or make them feel better anyway they can. Things started to get serious about two years ago, and since then, my business has grown from selling in the back of my car trunk to an online business:

Is the company a family owned business?

At the moment, my business is still growing due to the efforts of my family and me. The aim is to keep it in the family for a very long time.

Do you have any partnership with any company?

At the moment it’s all on me, I do not have a partnership with another company, but I do have people who do wholesale for me, and other companies I contact here in America when I’m running low on inventory and waiting for orders to get in from the factory in Colombia.

How did you raise Capital to start your business?

The majority of the capital came from my husband. But as business started to grow, I took out a bank loan to finance more growth since I couldn’t keep up with the orders coming in and wanted my customers to be happy and be able to deliver on time.

Who are your target customers / Clients / consumers?

Everyone is the focus of my business. I serve all body types and sizes, and I have items for both men and women, I do not discriminate.

What products and services do you offer?

I sell waist trainers, waist belt and shape wear at the moment but I’m in the process of adding a lingerie line and a swimwear line. They should be available by next year summer and I can’t wait.

Where do you get your supplies from?

I get my supplies from both America and Columbia; it differs from time to time and how frequently I need inventory. When I’m low on products and I need to ship orders out I go to my other dealers here in America. We all get our product made in the same factory, so I trust them and I trust the product too.

How profitable is your business? 

Yes, but you need to make the sales to make the money and most of the money goes back into the business: in helping it grow, advertisement , packaging, paying workers and many other things, so you better make the sales baby. Lol!

When are your highest profit seasons?

Each season experiences its own needs and wants, but it is mostly in winter that people want to wear my items.

How do you carry out your company’s advertisement ?

Word of mouth most of the time, and almost every church of Pentecost member in New Jersey knows about Eunice and Nevicurves, her waist trainer business. I go to people’s homes, I go to business fairs, hair saloons—everywhere there’s a crowd you better believe there’s Eunice and her waist trainers. And, while I’m there I pass out my business cards and flyers. Not everyone enjoys shopping online, there are a lot of people out there who like trying on products before buying and I try to take advantage of that. Social media, online sales, and word-of-mouth are the biggest avenues that I currently use. I know that you’ve got to put in the work and that’s what I do.

Did you experience any challenges since inception of the Business? If Yes; kindly give instances and describe it’s effect on the Business. 

With a family dynamic of three, beautiful, young children all under the ages of five sometimes accompanying me as I make my sales on weekends, or when they have no school isn’t easy. I’m a wife who has a family to take care of, so losing money here and there due to bad products being sent to me or miss-handling can be difficult and frustrating. As a business woman, my aim is to put out nothing but the best and good quality product out there to make my customers happy. This has pushed me to become more efficient with my time and to multitask better. The finances have to be in balance too, as the aspects of business have to be met and paid for. I mean things such as shipping, workers, accounting, paying back the loan etc.

How were you able to overcome the challenges?

Prayers: I never stop trust me. My husband and children have been my strengths, hopes and dreams. And my faith has kept me humble and going. My church, the church of Pentecost Blackwood assembly, my best friend Philomina and my aunt Mrs. Brefo have helped me greatly. They are always there when I need them.

How are you able to combine business and being a Mother and a wife?

My faith in God sustains me as I find out what I need to do and to do it. I wake up every day with high hopes and telling myself to be better and productive than I was yesterday. The key is never to give up.

Where do you see your company in the next five years?

Wow. Bigger than it started, eventually want to have my own stores in almost every part of the world. It’s a huge dream but with God on my side nothing is impossible.

Do you want an investor to invest in your business and which aspect of your company do you need this investment?

Business is itself making opportunities realized, and so yes, investors would certainly be welcome. In the aspect of production and marketing. Besides, all wholesalers and retailers are welcome to purchase in a higher quantities.

Geographically where do you want your investor from?


Because of the nature of the internet, the global marketplace offers a wide potential for sales and growth. Likewise, a potential investor could be from any part of the world, but they would still be welcome.


Who do you look up to in Business? 

In terms of business I will say Dentaa Amoateng, the founder of Guba and Premadonna. These two started from nothing and turned their dreams into something huge! Premadonna started this whole waist gang society thing. These two are brilliant, but in life it’s my own senior brother, Elder Ebenezer Aniadjie.

What five words do your frequently tell yourself?

Giving up is not an Option?

What do you tell young entrepreneurs who want to excel in Business?

Keep pushing. Hard times will come and you will feel like surrendering or throwing in the towel is the only way, people will disappoint you, or you will hear a lot of NO’s, but please, don’t ever give up. Think about why you started in the very first place, pray, pray, and pray some more. And, be very careful who you trust.

Any last quote ?

I’m not me without God, as long as He’s got me, reaching above the sky is nothing but easy.


You cannot use your present situation as an excuse to see yourself-fail in life; as I always say, excuses is the path to failure. I believe you have drawn an inspiration an advice from the interview? Kindly use your present situation as a solution for yourself and other out there. 

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