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A bilinear converging on a technological and innovative front is the best description of two entities separated by multiplicity yet not distant as objectives and goals are concerned”.   Africa’s “Silicon Valley” The MEST Incubator, a programme established to provide seed funding, office space and practical support for graduates of the Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology, the Tech Museum of innovation in Africa and technology focused entrepreneurial training tailored towards the birth and growth of technological companies in Africa, its keenness and drive to train and cultivate a high-tech farm of innovation and entrepreneurship, has safeguarded the successful establishment of over 20 companies in the consumer internet, e-commerce, Digital Media and healthcare IT sectors respectively, these companies continue to transform innovation and technology on the African continent. The MEST Incubator programme was founded in 2010 to support the overall mission of the Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology located in Accra.

With the provision of as much as $200,000 as seed financing, the MEST Incubator doesn’t only seek to accelerate and expand its portfolio companies but provide extended active support to participating companies, most of which remain in their facilities between 12-24 months. The MEST Incubator has a dozen full-time qualified staff and partners in Ghana and Silicon Valley that provide resources and support such as: seed financing, Physical Infrastructure, dedicated advice, value-added service, event and education and global presence.

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With a wider network and a group of committed partners such as: Microsoft Bizspark, Rackspace hosting, amazon web services and AfriLabs who share in their utmost priority and mission, the MEST Incubator diligently exhumes untapped opportunities by assisting the African to explore unlimited possibilities as technology and entrepreneurship is concerned. Bundling entrepreneurship and technology with such ease its invested in early stage companies such as Ampersand a software consultancy company that builds customised software for individuals and business, Asoriba a web and mobile application that enables effective church administration for leaders and seamless engagement with members, Cocktail Insights a social media analytics and publishing platform, Flippy Campus is an app that puts a student’s entire campus experience on his phone, Ghalani an all-in-one farm management tool, Kudobuzz a tool that allows e-commerce websites to feature select positive social testimonials and product /service reviews on their websites and interact directly with the people talking about them, Loystar a merchant facing mobile app that helps merchants keep their customers coming back using loyalty programs, meQasa an online real estate market place that provides access to real estate with all pertinent information and images attached, Nandimobile provides an on demand service that enables businesses to connect with their customers on their mobile phones in a way that can easily be managed and monitored, SynCommerce a multi-channel inventory and order management tool, Vestracker a software intelligence for the freight forwarding industry, Amplify  a recurring payment solution for African merchants, Curacel Health is an affordable and easy to use electronic health information management system for clinics in developing countries, Dropque a video interviewing tool etc these companies continue enrich our day-to-day activities with tech that aims at simplifying and ensuring effectiveness and efficiency in every aspect of our lives be It, health, business or social.

With the vision to building globally successful start-ups in Africa, the MEST Incubator works closely with entrepreneurs to ensure the realization of a vision which now sits in plain sight. Africa is only inches away from taking the technology and innovation bull by its horns, we as a continent are not only endowed with natural resources but definitely graced to having a bucket full of innovative minds. The MEST Incubator a nurture home for growing the worlds next Steve Jobs in Africa is certainly an initiative worth supporting and shedding light on.

Africa is the futures building block as Mark Zuckerberg said will only be like” sending coals to Newcastle” if institutions and governments don’t actively support and ensure the growth of the technology and innovation industry on the continent. The world speeds off into the future with flash speed and undoubtedly Africa is its legs. The MEST Incubator is unquestionably shaping an entire generation of African innovation and technology.



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