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Kofi Ansah – Africa’s No. 1 Top designer (Profile)

Winner of the prestigious Ghana Quality Awards Diamond.

Kofi Ansah through his company was the winner of the prestigious Millennium 2000 African Fashion Awards. He also designed the Anniversary fabric for the Ghana @ 50 Golden Jubilee Celebration.

Kofi Ansah also designed the costumes for the opening and closing ceremony of the CAN 2008 African Cup of Nations that was staged in Ghana to an international acclaim.

Kofi Ansah is a renowned fashion designer who is innovative and creative. He has been credited with the changing face of the Ghanaian fashion landscape and by far a leader in the field of African Fashion Design. He is a founding member, as well as a past president of the Federation of African Designers.


Kofi Ansah runs Artdress, a design and creative concept company through which he develops the art of clothing design, concept collections, consultancy to develop products and company promotions, and the marketing of their products through fashion shows. There are other labels affiliated to Artdress – i.e. Blue Zone, Waxone, Kofi Ansah Couture, and Kofi Ansah Design Collection.

Artdress also trains local designers with potential to international standards, as well as helping to develop the Ghanaian clothing sector as an export viable industry.

In this vein, the company has been the fashion consultant to G.T.P. now the leading textile company in the country since 1995 and has helped through collaborating with its marketing are, and Amirati Puris Lintas, their advertising agency, to bring the company up from its formerly difficult years to its present status.

Kofi Ansah has a commitment to see the Ghanaian clothing and textile industry grow in economic prominence. Kofi Ansah has been chosen as the Clothing Industry expert of the P.S.I. Round Table on clothing and textiles.

Kofi Ansah believes he inherited his creative talents from his parents. His father who was a creator, photographer, classical musician, encouraged him to pursue his interest in art and design. He studied fashion design at the Chelsea School of Art in London and graduated with 1st class honors in fashion design and distinction in design technology.

His distinct eye for detail and individuality with fabrics and color afforded him recognition as a couture designer. The unique use of quilting, embroidery and appliqués are the design signature of Kofi Ansah. His fashion designs were soon seen in the retail shops and boutiques of London. His fashions also appeared in many retail stores and boutiques in the U.S. including Saks Fifth Avenue.

Kofi’s distinct elegant designs, though western styled, were never without the emphasis of his native homeland of Ghana. He returned to Ghana inspired to blend the richly textured and boldly colored fabrics into fashion collections that have met a strong customer following in both Ghana and abroad. Kofi would now like to re-enter the U.S. and European retail market with his Ethical African-oriented collections targeting the ethically discerning and quality conscious international consumer.

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