There has been a propelling entrepreneurial force, transcending the forefront of the African development convoy. Facebook‘s Mark Zuckerberg confirms this assertion by describing the continent as the future’s building block, it’s without much doubt that Africa certainly is the world’s next torch-bearer and fallow lands to attract investments and give rise to a center for innovation. Today on Start-Ups we talk about a yarn weaving entrepreneurship across the continent, Africa Entrepreneurs Community (AEC), a startup that provides leadership and entrepreneurial training tailored for industrial and communal development.

In an interview with the President of AEC, Duke Aaron Sasu:



When asked what inspired the formation of AEC and what it stands for, The President Duke Aaron Sasu had this to say;

“Whilst a student at the Kwame Nkrumah University Of Science And Technology, I was privileged to represent my University as a debater in diverse competitions across the African continent.

It was during these travels that I came to the realization that Africa’s greatest resource lies not in the titanium fields of the Congo, nor in the diamond fields of South Africa. Africa’s greatest investment potential lies not in the oil wells of Angola or Nigeria nor does it lie in the Gold mines of Ghana.

Africa’s greatest resource lies in the potential of its young minds. So much level of intellect was unearthed during these travels that I came to believe that Africa had come of age and its transformation hinged upon the doors of the African youth.

I was then privileged to have my national service at The Ghana Investment Promotion Centre. It was at this office that I was exposed to the investment opportunities that lay in Africa. For example; Africa is the second largest economy outside of emerging Asia, Over 60% of the worlds uncultivated land is in Africa, Over 50% of urban residents in Africa are online etcetera.

I came to believe that to explore this enormous potential and have a shot at bridging the development gap, there is an urgent need to equip the African youth to be a part of this economic revolution.

The problem we identified is that there exists a narrative within the African society that encourages the young African to aspire towards good grades, search for jobs and a pension fund. This narrative hinders innovation and development.

Another problem is that there is very little cross regional trade or partnerships among African entrepreneurs.

The AEC hence seeks to be an organization that encourages the African youth to take up the entrepreneurial challenge, help in building intra African partnerships among Africa’s entrepreneurs, become a liaison between funding agencies and African Start-ups etcetera.

At AEC, we believe that economic growth is best achieved when we as a continent is able to keep a big part of the production process within our economic circles. Again, by our ability to ensure that revenues generated in Africa stays within our economic borders. This is what I call the Spider-web economic principle.

AEC was birthed with the view-point of encouraging entrepreneurship and innovation, this was affirmed when I came to understand the opportunities out there for grabs for the African, with Africa being the second largest economy outside emerging Asia. The continent has become a crop-free land for investment and it is important that the African youth played a vital role by participating and retaining the monies in Africa to enable growth and development.

AEC’s backbone hinges on the commitment of zealous young individuals who share in the topmost AEC goal.”

Preset to inject entrepreneurship and leadership into the African circles it’s partnered on an array of entrepreneurship conferences and competitions such as the Hackathon Conference and Tech Innovate 2016 to organize entrepreneurship programmes tailored towards unearthing innovative and entrepreneurial ideas. It doesn’t only seek to imbibe entrepreneurial knowledge but also to serve as a liaison connecting entrepreneurs and investors. AEC’s network spreads across the African continent with its vision to be a major contributor to Africa’s new frontier of entrepreneurship and vast investment opportunities. AEC is currently embarking on a nationwide campaign at the tertiary level to educate students on entrepreneurship and bring them up to speed on investment opportunities that lay untapped.

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