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Kenya’s Dance Academy.


Kenya Dance Academy is a leading company formed in 5th February 2012. Kenya Dance Academy is a company that aims to transform dance from its raw form to a more productive state, through identification and testing of appropriate investments. We train the body, educate the mind, inspire the artistry and explore the possibilities. Through greater visibility and stronger engagement with the public our goal is to raise the voice of dance art to exceptional heights

Kenya dance academy has developed a wonderful, caring and nurturing group of teachers who genuinely love what they do. They are very experienced and are passionate about teaching at Kenya dance academy .The teachers at the Kenya Dance Academy are deliberate about changing lives and leaving clients better than they came in. The Kenya Dance Academy prides itself in providing its students with the best teachers. All our teachers have extensive dance resumes having danced professionally, some at the highest possible level. However, not only do our teachers possess the technical knowledge and experience, more importantly they also have the ability to teach and have the personality to build relationships and earn the respect of their students.W_GklCoI

The Kenya Dance Academy is constantly striving to maintain the highest possible standard of teachers as we recognize that any dance studio is only as good as its faculty. Whilst we recognize the importance of developing our students as dancers, we also recognize the necessity of having fun and nurturing our students love for dance. All our teachers are employed because they share our philosophy of having a balance between hard work and fun in the dance class.

At The Kenya Dance Academy, our teachers believe that success doesn’t come from awards or accolades or the size of the school’s enrolment, it is from making a positive influence in our clients and students life.

K.D.A has a superbly run office and front desk. Organization is a key feature at K.D.A. We have systems in place to ensure that the studio is organized and operates in a smooth and efficient manner. Office staffs are always available when the studio is open to provide a fantastic service and cater to the needs of clients and students.


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  1. I am very pleased with KDA! I maintain that ‘You are going plaaaaces!’ Good job! Next biggest sensation.

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