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Clothing can tell a lot about a person, and you want to make sure they compliment you. Follow the dress code and make sure your clothing fits properly, especially around the neckline, as your face is often the area of your body people look to first.

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Dress to look professional.

  • For this look, more conservative attire is required, so if you’re a man, dress in a business suit, collared or button up shirt, and nice shoes.
  • A nice dress, higher necklines and longer hems create the professional look for women.
  • Accessories like a necktie or khakis may be appropriate, depending on your office environment. Keep accessories, such as jewelry, minimal and conservative.

Dress to fit into a casual setting. A casual look can mean a lot of things; most often what comes to mind are jeans or khakis, paired with any top, including a T-shirt, as long as it looks polished. Here, your personal style can come out more, and you can accessorize freely.

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Dress up to create a made-up look. For a night out, such as a date or a party, a more formal or dressy look is appropriate.

    • For men, nice slacks, a button-up shirt, and a blazer make for a great dressed up look.
    • For women, a dress or pants and a fun top, combined with great accessories can create a dressed up look.
    • For this look, your personal style can really come out. To jazz up a look or take it from day to night, add some fun jewelry and fancier shoes.
Know What the Dress Code Is

Whether you are going to a birthday party, a luncheon, a black tie event, or simply just to work, always know what is appropriate. You don’t want to be that person who shows up to a cocktail party in their jeans, or to an all-white-themed party in black.

Find out what the dress code is for the party you’ve been invited to. If you’re planning on attending a party, there may be a certain dress code required. Make sure to read the invitation carefully, or ask the hostess what is appropriate to wear if there is no attire specified on your invite.

Pick appropriate clothes to wear to the office. The place you work may have certain standards; make sure your work wardrobe reflects the style and atmosphere of your office.

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Check the Weather Before You Pick Out an Outfit

This may not seem like an important step, but knowing the weather forecast is essential in understanding how to dress. Knowing the outside conditions makes deciding what to wear easier and ensures you look appropriate, regardless of the time of day.
Wear layers if the event in question takes place over a longer period of time or if you don’t know what the temperature will be at the venue. Dress in layers so you can remove or add on clothes, depending on the temperature.
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If it is raining or snowing, make sure to have the appropriate shoes and outerwear.

  • Snow boots are an essential item in your wardrobe if you live in an area that gets snow, and rubber shoes or rain boots are a very useful item to wear when it rains.
  • A waterproof jacket works for light snow or rain, and a heavier overcoat is often needed when it is snowing heavily.
  • When you leave for the day, check to see if rain or snow is in the forecast so you can know whether to bring an umbrella with you to ensure you don’t get caught off guard. If you like accessorizing, have a few umbrellas in different colors on hand to pair with your outfits.

If the weather is hot or humid, wear natural fabrics such as cotton, silk, or linen.Synthetic fabrics such as polyester or rayon don’t breathe the way natural fabrics do, and tend to trap heat and make you hotter. Natural fabrics allow wind to pass through, and heat to evaporate.

Choose an Outfit that Flatters your Figure

This goes along with making sure the clothing fits. Know what is right for your body type, and dress to enhance rather than to conceal.


Figure out what body shape you have. This is the first step toward determining what looks best for your shape. Some trial and error may be required at first, and everyone is a little different. You may also find that over time, your body changes, so the best piece of advice to keep in mind is to be patient with yourself as you work through this stage in the process.

For women, choose the appropriate length of the skirt hem so as to not show too much leg, which can quickly become inappropriate. Make sure your neckline is high enough to be considered appropriate but if you want to detract from your neck, adding a longer necklace can help attract attention to more flattering aspects of your ensemble.

For both men and women, have clothing tailored or hemmed to the correct fit or length, if necessary. Ill-fitting clothing looks unprofessional and sloppy. Clothing that fits well is not too loose nor is it too tight. Some stores even provide free tailoring on the items you purchase from them, so it’s worth asking!


Accessorize Accordingly

Once you have your outfit selected, accessorize to show your personal style. There are no cardinal rules of accessorizing, so just use your best judgment.

Wear a belt to accentuate and define the waistline.

  • A skinny belt gives the illusion of a smaller waist and is recommended for those with larger midsections. For A-line cuts, wearing the belt a bit higher than your waist will also work and can even draw more attention to the slimmest part of your torso.
  • A wide belt will work best on slim waists or if worn around the hips.

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For women, to jazz up an outfit, add a piece of jewelry such as a fun cocktail ring, bold necklace, thick bangles or a classic brooch.

For men, experiment with your accessories such as ties, socks, belts and cufflinks.

  • Wear different colors and textures of ties and be open to experimenting with different widths and knots as well. Patterns are also something you can experiment with by playing around with pairing different shirt, tie and jacket patterns to create individual looks.
  • Fun socks can add character to an outfit.
  • Although black and brown belts are traditional options for men, think about experimenting with fabrics and colors to make an outfit standout.
  • Cufflinks aren’t for every man, nor are they for every occasion, but if your lifestyle lends itself to this signature accessory, you have a great deal of options from which to choose to add distinct accents to your outfits.


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