Maximise the benefits of attending conferences and events

Knowing Africa Conference has put together top tips in getting the most out of attending the 1st Knowing Africa Conference in Nairobi.

  1. Expand your network
  2. Make five action points
  3. Remember your business cards
  4. It’s not a free meal!
  5. Share the knowledge with your colleagues


  1. Expand your network

When you attend business events it is often tempting to network with your colleagues or talk to contacts you already know. You can learn so much more from talking to new people about their businesses, what is working and what is maybe not going so well. There is no substitute for quality networking, and growing your business network can bring many positive outcomes including prospecting new customers, sourcing new business partners, gaining market knowledge and recruiting. Aim to speak to at least five strangers at each business event or conference you go to and follow this up by making links on social networks such as linkedin or twitter.

  1. Make five action points 

People often find the time spent at an event is really worthwhile and beneficial and at the time they feel confident in the new ideas they can take back to their workplace. However due to everyday time pressures, many people soon forget about what they have learnt at the event or conference and the opportunity to implement these new ideas is lost. When you leave the event, schedule an hour to reflect on your experience of the event. Think about who you spoke to and what you learnt and make a list of five action points you would like to carry out in the coming days and weeks back in your workplace.

  1. Remember your business cards

Never go to an event without a good supply of your business cards! You will inevitably also receive many new business cards at most events you go to – it is a good idea to write a note on the back of each card you are given at the time to assist you in remembering who is who when you are back in the office.

  1. It’s not a free meal!

Many events include breakfast or lunch and coffee breaks. It is important to remember this is an important time to continue networking – use this time to speak to delegates and any exhibitors you have not so far had the opportunity to speak to.

  1. Share the knowledge with your colleagues

One of the main purposes of attending business events or conferences in to collect advice from industry experts on ways your business can improve. It is important to collect actionable tips and information from other businesses and share them throughout your business. This really expands the value of one person attending the event. Each business should have a process for attaining this information and then feeding it through to each relevant person. Before attending the event it is a good idea to have a list of specific delegates you would like to target, along with any queries your business currently has which you would like to find some solutions for. Finally have a plan in place for how you will present the findings; insights, statistics, case studies, ways the event worked well and how this could be modified for your businesses future events, back to your colleagues.


Anthony Ansong

Ceo - Ansong Holdings LLC Co-Founder & Editor Light Magazine Africa Author of Children Book Entrepreneur

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