The brand Adele Dejak one of Kenyas infamous designer labels may have been quiet recently but the truth is that they have been undergoing months of brain racking and a lot of hard work. Like them we are also excited to see the results of all this work and now present this to you. We present to you KOBO, the newest collection which was launched at the just concluded Bizarre Bazaar craft fair that took place in Nairobi recently (14th and 15th November).



Kobo represents urban culture and is for edgy people everywhere who want to stand out, who are proud of who they are and who are driven to inspire others.

The name KOBO, which is the least of currencies in Nigeria (assumed to have very little or no value, yet being an important part of Nigerian trade) represents unique high quality accessories that are greatly affordable. The logo is a fusion of the African Mask and Basquiat crown. Black is Adele Dejak’s brand colour while yellow is happiness – the sun.


Every product of Adele and KOBO incorporates a unique vision, style and attitude. We are not just another diffusion line; we are a culture, a movement. Everything is handmade from scratch, from various raw material (Ankole horn from Uganda recycled brass and aluminium) and goes for a cost between $10 – $50… Now, isn’t this incredibly amazing? We could even say that Christmas has come early. The most popular pieces were the earrings, rings and bracelet so you better get your piece before they are sold out!

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Anthony Ansong

Ceo - Ansong Holdings LLC Co-Founder & Editor Light Magazine Africa Author of Children Book Entrepreneur

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